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Sub-Culture Tokyo by Andrew Rochfort

Published December 4, 2012 by subcultureshanghai
Photograph by Andrew Rochfort

Photograph by Andrew Rochfort

As most of you probably know by now, Sub-Culture made its first trip to Tokyo last week, and it certainly was a trip! Representing Shanghai was ChaCha, Hamacide, Mr and Mrs Downstate, Drunk Monk and Andrew Rochfort, and over there we met up with Red-I, Soul Flower, Takashi and Ras Taro from Manila as well as DJ Maze from Hangzhou and Anais from Taipei. We were greeted and hosted by our Japanese brothers and sisters Skyfish, Rumi, Amnjk and Part2Style Sound and they went far and beyond the call of duty and showed us an amazing time. The whole trip was a complete success, and we still haven’t come down from the high. If i was to go into everything that we did and experienced during the trip I would have to write a dissertation length article, but to give you a snapshot of the tour check out these amazing photographs from Andrew Rochfort.

Sub-Culture Tokyo Vol. 1

Published November 13, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

As well as our 5 year anniversary,November also sees us achieve a goal we’ve been striving for for years, the first Sub-Culture Tokyo event! We will be releasing full details next week, but here is the info on a special cd we have put together for the event. Performing at Sub-Culture Tokyo will be Faded Ghost (ChaCha), Downstate, Hamacide, Red-i and Soul Flower (B-Side, Manila), Skyfish (JP) and Drunk Monk, and we have compiled this cd, including a bunch of unreleased tracks, to give away at the event. The artwork was designed by our favourite Shanghainese artist Cheeri Wang, and it fits the vibe of the cd perfectly. We will have a handful of these this weekend at our anniversary events in Dada Beijing and The Shelter Shanghai, keep your eyes peeled! Here’s the tracklist

Sub-Culture Tokyo Vol. 1

1. Faded Ghost – Fake OST*

2. Red-I – Sound Boy Abduction

3. ChaCha & Disrupt – They Lie*

4. Hamacide – Buta (Hamacide Instrumental Remix)

5. Downstate – H E A P*

6. Red-I – Magnetic Frequency*

7. S L V (Downsate & Hamacide) – Clip Arp (Demo)*

8. Hamacide feat. ChaCha – You Me (Original Version)

9. Downstate – Old Open Mourning*

10. Hamacide and Chain Of Lakes – All Around

*previously unreleased

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