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Sub-Culture presents: 2562 / A Made Up Sound

Published March 28, 2013 by subcultureshanghai
Poster designed by Nini Sum

Poster designed by Nini Sum

Sub-Culture presents: 2562 / A Made Up Sound

Thursday 4th April – Dada Beijing / Friday 5th April – The Shelter Shanghai

Beijing Support: Yauman, Sickstar, Drunk Monk

Shanghai Support: Acid Pony Club (live), Drunk Monk, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Didje, Ubec

Sub-Culture is very excited to present 2562 aka A Made Up Sound!

Over the course of three landmark albums on Pinch’s mighty Tectonic label and his own When In Doubt imprint, Dave Huismans has laid out a singular and highly influential vision of broken rhythms, off time percussion, crazed sampling and field recording, re-inventing techno, disco and bass music at each and every turn.

Having released on Tectonic, Martyn’s 3024 and the legendary Clone Bassment Series, and with support across the board from the likes of Kode9 and Benji B to house/techno veterans Anthony Shake Shakir and Francois K, he is currently operating on his own label and continuing to stun audiences with his unique and destructive dj sets and fluid live shows. 2562 sounds like very little else out there…

Steven Lorenz – Sub-Culture 5th Birthday Mix

Published November 14, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

To get things on track for this weekend, Sub-Culture’s Steven Lorenz recorded this heavy-weight mix live at last night’s Sub-Cinema at Dada. Deep, subby vibes, the perfect mid-week bass massage. Play loud!

Steven will be playing this Saturday with vocal support from ChaCha, Didje and Ubec at The Shelter, alongside Kode9, Acid Pony Club & TzuSing live, and much more! Dont miss!

**Track listing coming soon**

This Saturday’s Line Up

Published October 12, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Ok, so there have been a whole load of additions and announcements about this Saturday, lets break it down right here. As always, Idle Beats will be down with the brand new screen-print of the poster above, designed by Dan Nguyen AKA Demon Slayer!


10.00pm – 11.00pm: AM444 – ‘Rooms’ listening session

Fresh from the King Otis Studio via the Faded Ghost Studio, AM444’s debut full length album is finally finished and we are honored to present this preview listening session for all those that cant wait until the release party on Friday 26th October. At  10pm we will be playing the album in full for the first time in public. Get down early and be the first to hear ‘Rooms’!!


11.00pm – 12.00am – TightFace


A last minute and very welcome addition to the line up, One Handed Music’s TightFace is in Shanghai and has offered to drop a set for us! His beats are seriously dope and we’re still getting over the fact that he’s coming to play for us. Also, he’s in town researching and digging music for his radio show back in the UK. Any beatmakers out there, get down for his set and bring him a CDR of your freshest creations, you may get some London air play!


12.00am – 01.00am – Downstate (live) 

Our favourite Shanghai live act, Downstate’s sets never fail to blow us away each and every time. Ahead of his performance at Sub-Culture Tokyo (yeah, that’s what we said) we couldn’t think of any better act to open up for our heavyweight headliner. We are not sure what Downstate will do with his live set, we never are, we don’t think he is either, but whatever he does we know it will be deadly. Check the little live jam he put online the other day..


01.00am – 02.30am – PINCH 

Little introduction needed here. This is the 3rd time Pinch has played at Sub-Culture, and if we bring someone over from the UK 3 times you know we have our reasons why. Pinch is a true don in the UK bass scene and never fails to bring an sheer avalanche of sounds and frequencies like no one else. If you caught him last time we know you will be here this time, and if this is your first time to see the Tectonic head honcho, your in for a real treat! Strictly dubplate and vinyl, the way it should be!


02.30 – 04.00 – Steven Lorenz with Esia, Arminda, Didje, ChaCha & Ubec

It’s pretty difficult to follow up the mighty Pinch, so we reckon the best way to do this is to fly over Sub-Culture MCs Esia and Arminda, reunite them with Didje and ChaCha, introduce them to Ubec, give them a bunch of microphones and throw them in the DJ booth with Steven Lorenz. Straight up rub-a-dubstep session!


04.00 – End – Drunk Monk

Getting drunk, making noise, embarrassing himself and sending DJs home on a stretcher since 1982. Will this boy ever grow up?

Sub-Culture Solo Projects

Published September 4, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


As some of your probably know, many of the members of Sub-Culture have their own various solo and collaboration projects going on. Here’s a quick run down on what they have been upto:


Steven Lorenz

As always, Stevens been working hard in the studio and his productions are getting tighter by the day. His latest output is a collaberation with Digital Monk (not related to Drunk Monk). Heavy, sparse dubstep styles, deadly stuff!



The ever-prolific Didje has been firing tunes out of his studio faster than we can listen. His latest output is this collaboration with Sheffield’s Dhalsim’s Reach, a jazzy ode to breaking genre classification entitled ‘Music Is Music’



Ubec has been locked in the studio working on his new mixtape ‘High Altitude’ which is due out soon. The latest addition to the mix is this fantasy hiphop jam with Didjelirium entitled ‘Fairy Tale’


George Wyndham

George and his band The Horde are finally getting their debut album together and it should be out by the end of the year. A blend of Folk, Bluegrass and Country with a twist, The Horde consist of  Tom Mangione (Guitar and vocals), Franco Rodriquez (Mandolin and vocals), Johnny Haru (Cajon) and George on Harmonica and vocals.  Beijing’s DaBaoGe have made this great little video featuring a couple of tracks from the album.



ChaCha has been locked tight in the studio finishing off AM444’s new album and also working on her new solo project Faded Ghost. New music is being held close to the chest right now, but keep an eye out in the near future for more news..

Sub-Culture Live – This Saturday

Published June 19, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Saturday 23rd June – Sub-Culture Live

Line Up: LON (live), AM444 (live), ROM (live), Downstate (live), Olivepixel (live visuals), Drunk Monk, dji, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Didje, Ubec + guests

Entrance: 40rmb


After a string of international guests in 2012, Sub-Culture are bringing it back home with a showcase of some of Shanghai’s best live electronic acts!



Finally returning from Vietnam, we are very pleased to welcome back one of the best electronic producers to have lived in Shanghai – LON. Armed with a full arsenal of new equipment, this is LON’s first live set since his return and we are very excited to see where his sound has gone.




After packing out JZ club last April, and recently returning from the Sakifo festival on Reunion Island, we finally present the long overdue return to The Shelter for ChaCha and Jay.Soul!




Post-apocalyptic head-fuck hip-hop. Rom is the future



Tom Oliver is one of Shanghai’s most prolific producers. We aren’t sure what he is going to do this night, but we are sure it will leave you feeling pleasantly nauseous.



Olivepixel spends most of his life on taobao buying strange analogue equipment to produce visuals to make you feel like you have taken hallucinogens, and then takes hallucinogens and makes visuals to try and make himself feel normal again.


Support from Drunk Monk, dji, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Ubec and Didje.

Next Sub-Culture – Sat 18th Feb – Doc Daneeka

Published January 15, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Saturday 18th February

Sub-Culture presents: Doc Daneeka (Ten Thousand Yen/50 Weapons/Ramp – UK)

Line Up: Doc Daneeka, Deville, Siesta, Drunk Monk, dji, ChaCha, Didje

Entrance: 50rmb

For the second Sub-Culture of 2012 we are excited to be joined by Welsh badman – Doc Daneeka!

It’s not common for an artist based in Wales to become the toast of underground music, but Doc Daneeka is just that. With releases on Ramp, Fabric, 50 Weapons, PTN, & Well Rounded in the bag, Doc Daneeka has started his own boutique label, Ten Thousand Yen, releasing other fresh artists like XXXY and Julio Bashmore as well as his own unique material. Bookings all around the world and being accepted into Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid 2011 (along with Sub-Culture’s own ChaCha) has solidified Daneeka’s reputation for his tight productions, and his energetic DJ sets are some of the most sought after performances by clubs all around the world.

Delivering scorching mixes for the likes of Fact Mag & Xlr8r, trademark rattling drums and punchy low end characterise this producers unclassifiable DJ sets, as well as countless unreleased dubs.

Doc Daneeka makes some of the best house music around right now – with peers in Hackman, Roska and Julio Bashmore, he favours syncopated beats and polyrhythms over linear drive, and has remixed Delphic, Digital Mystikz and more in the past to great effect. His releases for PTN have shown eight slabs of colourful house almost impossible to avoid getting physical to. His much talked about debut album with Benjamin Damage, entitled ‘THEY!LIVE”, is just about to drop on Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons imprint and is receiving praise from all corners of the music world. Doc Daneeka is delivering the goods, while wearing the weight of internet expectation. UK Dance music’s health and sound has never been so rude!

Saturday 14th January – Sub-Culture:Immersiv

Published January 5, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Saturday 14th January – Sub-Culture: Immersiv

Line Up: Immersiv (visuals), Tzu Sing, Drunk Monk, dji, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Didje, George Wyndham

Entrance: 40rmb

For the first Sub-Culture of 2012 we thought we’d kick things off a little different and, instead of a musical headliner, this months guests will be visual artists Immersiv from Germany.

Experimental film maker Deveroe Aurel & designer Robin Steps, AKA Immersiv, are two visual artists who have been working together since 2010. Using computer generated video sources and custom build 3D models, they synchronise their visual world with the music to create a completely new audio/visual experience. Having taken over clubs in Berlin and all around Europe, its their time to infect Shanghai’s Shelter!

Joining the Sub-Culture crew behind the decks will be Stockholm Syndrome’s Tzu Sing

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