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New Releases

Published June 26, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

We’ve been pretty bad at blogging recently. No excuses really, just forgot/couldn’t be arsed for a while, but coming up soon and over the last few weeks there have been a bunch of great releases from some goods friends of Sub-Culture so we thought we’d get back at it and round up some of our favorites:


Neo Tokyo Bass – Level Music 3, 4 & 5

Neo Tokyo Bass are just about to drop the next 3 releases in their free Level Music series, this time from Endless, Kokoro and guest producer Keyed Up. Serious quality productions on all three ‘levels’ with that nice sparkling yet grimey sound NTB are quickly perfecting. You should all be keeping an eye on these guys, you’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon.


exquisite delegates

Photograph by Benoit Florencon

 Exquisite Delegates – Exquisite Delegates

Fresh Shanghai hiphop styles a long time in the making, Exquisite Delegates (Amine, Sunbiz and Dana) finally drop their self titled debut album. Tight production and flows, with a great collab with Sub-Culture’s own ChaCha! Looking forward to the live shows!

‘The Exquisite Delegates started with Amine from the Netherlands, and Sunbiz from Canada meeting in Shanghai working for the same music production house. Fellow delegate Dana Shellmire a.k.a. ‘Ocean Keep Waving’ from the US soon joined the duo as well. Finding out quickly they had a shared interest and passion for good music and a specific sound, the MC, vocalist and producer trio dove into the studio and thus the Exquisite Delegates were born.’



Red-I – Spiritual Roots

Coming out this Friday on the always impressive Dub Temple Records, Manila badman Red-I drops a beat tape made up entirely of Filipino samples. Red’s lab constantly churns out quality beats so we are very excited to hear this release. Check the track Sabi Nila below for a sample of what to expect



DJ Wash – Magnitude/World’s Demise

From Hong Kong via Dresden, Kongkrete Bass’ Wash rolls out two heavy weight cuts ‘Magnitude’ and ‘World’s Demise’ for the Section 8 label. Dark, rough and rolling, exactly what we’d expect from one of Hong Kong’s best producers!

This Saturday – TES LA ROK!

Published April 9, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Saturday 14th April – Sub-Culture present: Tes La Rok

Line Up: Tes La Rok, Drunk Monk, Maze, dji, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Didje, Ubec, George Wyndham

Entrance: 60rmb

After the sheer devastation caused by The Bug and Daddy Freddy last month, we are following up with another heavyweight guest of honor – TES LA ROK!



Tes La Rok is a DJ and music producer from Helsinki, Finland. He was one of the first international names to break through onto the dubstep scene, and has been featured on a variety of albums such as Soul Jazz’ Steppa’s Delight, Dubstep Allstars 5, Mary-Anne Hobbs’ Evangeline and Mixmag 25 Year Anniversary Mix by Laurent Garnier. He is also the owner of Noppa Recordings, a dubstep label featuring some of the most innovative artists from around the world.

For the past decade, Tes La Rok has been one of the pioneers in Helsinki undergound culture, running dances such as Slam It, Soulfuel, Back 2 Bass and Sub, as well as his show on basso radio along Sub-Culture favorite Desto.



His remix of Uncle Sam’s Round The World Girls on Argon Records in 2007 quickly achieved anthem status, being played in clubs everywhere and winning best 12” in the dubstepforum awards. With his new project, Trusta, about to launch on Loefah’s Swamp81 label, Tes’ sound continues to morph and change as the ever-evolving bass scene changes with him. One for the real heads!

This Saturday’s Line-Up

Published March 16, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

You know the drill. Sub-Culture this Saturday @ The Shelter. Doors open at 9pm. No admittance from 10pm – 11pm. Here is Saturday’s full line up:



9pm – 10pm: B6

As a special surprise to set the tone and quality for the evening, we are honored to have non other than Shanghai’s B6 join us for a special early evening semi-live ambient set before our lock down. B6 is one of China’s most celebrated electronic musicians, and this very rare appearance is the perfect way to open up a night of serious music.

***** Doors to The Shelter will be locked at 10pm. There will be no admittance from 10pm until 11pm. If you wish to leave The Shelter during this time you will not be allowed to re-enter until 11pm***


10pm – 11pm: King Midas Sound DJ Set

As you probably know, The Bug and Daddy Freddy are our guests for this month’s Sub-Culture. The Bug is one of the many pseudonyms of Kevin Martin, the multi talented frequency-fiend from the UK. As well as ‘The Bug’, Kevin’s other current project is King Midas Sound, a group consisting of Kiki Hitomi (Dokebi Q), poet Roger Robinson and himself. Signed to Kode 9’s Hyperdub, Ming Midas Sound released one of 2009’s best albums – ‘Waiting For You’, and their incredible 2011 remix project ‘Without You’, which included reworks by Flying Lotus, Mala, Kode9 and Kuedo to name but a few.  Much deeper than ‘The Bug’, beautifully heavy and hauntingly cerebral, the KMS sound has morphed and progressed over the last few years and is a serious force to be reckoned with. With Kevin already in town, we thought we would bring a little something extra to the table to make this, already immense event, just that bit more special. For the first time ever, Kevin will be playing a DJ set under the King Midas Sound banner.  It is something that he is very excited about as we were the first people to ever suggest this (they usually play live as a group) and so he is planning to make this debut something to remember. Dark drones, warped pop, ambient sound scapes and more, this is an exclusive chance to hear where the King Midas Sound came from, and where its heading.

***** Doors to The Shelter reopen at 11pm *****

11pm – 12pm: dji + George Wyndham + Nick Muzyczka

Quebec’s dji is one of the original members of Uprooted Sunshine/ Sub-Culture and has been djing in Shanghai for over 6 years. Known for his deep, sub heavy dub music, he always warms up the dance in the best way possible. Joining dji for this special anniversary set will be Uprooted’s newest member George Wyndham, on live harmonica, and Nick Muzyczka on Melodica. Dji and George stunned the crowd at Uprooted’s recent appearance in Manila, and with the addition of the very talented Nick on Melodica the trio have been killing it early hours at every Sub-Culture and Uprooted Sunshine night for the last few months. Get ready for some heavy dubbed out vibes.

 12pm – 1am: Steven Lorenz + ChaCha + Didje

Steven Lorenz is the newest addition to the Sub-Culture crew and over the last 2 years has honed his style and taste and has become an integral part of the Sub-Culture line up. Originally more into the straight up dance-floor style of Dubstep, recently he has got much deeper into the sound and his recent sets have been deep, dark and heavy, just how we like it! Think producers such as Pinch, Kryptic Minds, Vivek, Biome, etc and you get an idea of his sound. With his own productions with the Intransik Beats crew getting releases on multiple labels around the world, Steven’s sets always deliver.

Joining Steven will be the beautiful voice of ChaCha, and the many voices of Didje. ChaCha and Didje did an amazing set together with Steven a few months back and so we thought we would put the three of them together again for this special event. The perfect warm up for the audio assault coming up next…

1am – 2.30am: The Bug + Daddy Freddy

This is it. Brace yourselves for a true soundsystem experience like you’ve never seen (or felt) before. Ninja Tune recording artist THE BUG along side the legendary Jamaican MC DADDY FREDDY! Heavyweight riddims, booming bass, screeching sirens, gun shots and more, with a true lyrical mad man on the mic. This is a set you wont forget in a long, long time. No need for more explanation, BE THERE!!!

2.30am – late: Drunk Monk + Ubec + guests

Rounding off the night will be Sub-Culture warrior Drunk Monk alongside the mighty Ubec and a few other lyrical guests. If your system is able to continue after some serious Bug concussion, Drunk Monk will be dropping bombs in The Shelter till the early hours!

Doc Daneeka Teaser Mix!

Published February 12, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


As we start to get hyped for this Saturday’s Sub-Culture with Doc Daneeka @ The Shelter, it’s probably about time we unleash this short teaser mix that the Doc has put together for us to give a little taster of what to expect! Straight, upfront, future vibes!



Sub-Culture Represents @ MESH

Published June 2, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


This weekend see’s the inaugural edition of MESH. MESH (Music Exchange Social Hub) is the brainchild of one of Shanghai’s top promoters and events organizers Jane Tan aka DJ Siesta. Using her experiences in the Asia music scene and taking influences from her time at Red Bull Music Academy, Siesta has put together one of the most exciting and forward thinking events Shanghai has seen for quite some time.  A 2 day/night affair (Saturday and Sunday), MESH brings together Shanghai’s most prominent promoters, producers, musicians, visual artists and DJs (well almost all, Mr Antidote is out of the country at the moment) and mixes them all together in a series of seminars, discussions, workshops and music events. Smartshanghai have done a great run down on the whole of the weekends events right here, so check it out and see what takes your fancy. I urge anyone who is interested in music, the local scene, events organizing and general cool shit to get yourself a weekend pass and get involved in what, hopefully, is the beginning of the next step in Shanghai/China’s fast growing music industry.


Sub-Culture are very happy to have been invited to join in on this weekends events, and so here’s a quick run down on where you will find us.



Uptown Records/Sub-Culture Records

As many of you know by now, Shanghai is on the verge of having its first proper record shop, Uptown Records. We’ve been posting a few teaser picks over the last few months and are happy to announce that the wait is nearly over. Sub-Culture will have its own section in the shop, selling everything from Roots and Dancehall to Dubstep, DnB and Electronics. As a little preview into what will be on sale at Uptown/Sub-Culture Records, Sacco and Drunk Monk will be taking a few boxes of black plastic gems down to Kin (65 Maoming Bei Lu, near YanAn Lu) for sale at both Saturday and Sunday’s events. Get in first and snap up some killer tunes before the shop opens later this month.


MESH Goodie Bag


Chat Sessions @ KIN – Sunday

Saturday and Sunday at Kin see a series of discussions and seminars on various aspects of China’s music industry. The Saturday is mainly based around Hip-Hop, record labels and visual arts (see here for more info), and the Sunday, where Sub-Culture get fully involved, concentrates on local music productions, events promotion and music creation.


The first discussion starts at 1:30pm and see’s Sub-Culture Drunk Monk join Jake Newby, Conrank and Sandra Chaikin in a demo listening session. Basically local producers/musicians/bands can submit their new tracks and we will listen to them and give our opinions and constructive criticism. The session lasts 1 hour and will be mainly in English.


The second discussion starts at 3:00pm and is dedicated to promoters and events organizers. Sub-Culture will join NeeBing, Mark Elliot from JZ Club, LeZi from ZLHF Records, Niki Li from STD and Fred Hu from Accupuncture in a 2 hour discussion on how we got into promotion, our theories and techniques to promote events and our future plans. The seminar will be mainly in Chinese but translators will be present to help out.


The third and final discussion, and the one we are most looking forward to, starts at 5:30pm and looks at the creative processes and techniques that local artists use to make their music. On the panel is Sub-Culture’s ChaCha as well as DJ Doggy, MIA, Acid Ponies, Han Han, Little Punk, MC Webber, MHP, SIG, Alec Haavik, Elvis T, LeZi, Sulumi and WuJi. As you can see, the line up is pretty huge, and so the session will be split into 3 1 hour sessions, the first hour set aside for electronic producers, the second for rock/jazz musicians and the final hour a free for all discussion. Again, the majority of this session will be conducted in Chinese with translators on hand.




MESH Block Party – Sunday night @ YongFu Lu

To celebrate what will hopefully be a fantastic weekend of events, MESH is taking over YongFu Lu for an after-party to end all after-parties on the Sunday night (Monday is a holiday so no excuses..). The Shelter, The Apartment and Shiva Lounge are all taking part, but you’ve probably already guessed which venue Sub-Culture will be joining in the festivities at.


Sub-Culture’s Drunk Monk will be manning the decks with ChaCha on vocal duties (and hopefully a few other special guests too) and joining a fantastic line up at The Shelter from right across the musical spectrum. HanHan from local band Duck Fight Goose and LeZi from Sonnet, a live set by Beijing 8Bit nutter Sulumi, a live set by PAUSE:MUSIC’s SIG, Fred Hu from Acupuncture Records, Beijing’s MC Webber and MESH master Siesta will all be in attendance and at the controls till early Monday morning.


So there we go, a packed weekend of events in Shanghai. Check here for how to buy tickets. See you this weekend!

Digging In The Crates with Jase and Pucci

Published May 30, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

A couple of weeks back Sub-Culture had the pleasure of hosting DJ Jase and VJ Pucci from The Beats – Saigon. They were in Shanghai for a few days, so a couple of days before the Shelter session (where they smashed it by the way!!) we went to the record spot to get our fingernails dirty. I hadn’t been for a while, and the place is a bit hit and miss, so I wasn’t really expecting much, but oh was I wrong! I picked up around 35 pieces, and Jase and Pucci had a whole box full! Here’s just a few of the picks that i dug out…


When we arrived at the record spot, I started digging through a few boxes and found a handful of brand new Trojan record re-issues. The guy running the shop noticed that I was quite excited and pulled out a whole bunch of Trojan 10″s, all brand new! Cloak and Dagger, above, is one of my favourite Perry productions and, funnily enough, my Dad gave me the album as a wedding present just a few weeks before (thats why the site has been a bit quiet of recent if you didnt know). This was one of the 10″s and it has 4 killer versions of the track.


Another Perry production, this one on a 12″. I have the album version of this on a 10″ but this is the 12″ version. Classic!


And another classic Perry cut. I remember my Dad used to play an ex-rated version of this by Prince Buster. I dropped this tune last week at Shelter and the pressing is really heavy! Really nice bass on this one. Also got Know Love on the flip, another great cut.


Back when i used to play a lot more hip hop, this one was a staple in my sets. Wu-Tang are pretty much my all time favourite hip-hop group and have heavily influenced my listening habits over the years. Nice to have this on a 12 again.


Slept on this when it first came out and been really getting into Steve Spacek recently, so well happy to find this. Absolute belter of an album!


Not particularly hard to find at all, but nice shiny new 12 of this. Great summer tune!


Other honorable mentions go to DJ Food – Kaleidoscope LP, EPMD – Strictly BusinessLP (original pressing!), DJ Shortkut – Blunted With A Beat Junkie LP and a Trojan comp called Rebel Music.



Sub-Culture present: Red-I and Soul Flower

Published February 19, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Saturday 5th March

Sub-Culture present: Red-I and Soul Flower (Dub-Plate Manila, B-side) + special guest

Line Up: Red-I, Astrid, Drunk Monk, Deville, dji, ChaCha, Didje, Esia, Arminda

Entrance: 60rmb

For 2011’s third Sub-Culture session we are excited to be joined by Manila’s finest – Red-I and Soul-Flower, plus a special return visit from one of our favourite guests from last year.


Red-I is a dj/producer who has always tried to bring something different to Manila.  His main influences for music is reggae and bass although he always keeps his dj sets eclectic.  Part of the Dub-Plate Manila team,  he has hosted and played along side Gaslamp Killer, Kode 9, Daedelus, Free The Robots, Tokimonsta, Nobody, D-Styles, Shortkut, and RSD.  He  has also won mutiple awards for Djing including the Philippine DMCs.


Soulflower is part of the Red-I Soundsystem which is a team that pushes experimental music, reggae and bass culture in Manila.  Her dj sets are known to be powerful, catchy and full of low frequency.  Her main influences are bass culture, dancehall, dubstep and new school beats.  Soulflower has always brought Manila something different to dance to.

Red-I and Soul-Flower will be going head to head with the Sub-Culture crew, plus we have a secret return visit from one of last years biggest guests at Sub-Culture! Keep your eyes peeled for more info soon….

*** This month’s poster was design by Beijing twins ‘TwoQee’. More info on them coming soon….***

Next Sub-Culture – N1D and Achun (live)

Published February 1, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Saturday 12th February

Sub-Culture present: N1D and Achun (live)

Line Up: N1D, Achun (live), Deville, dji, Drunk Monk, ChaCha, Didje, Esia, Arminda

Music: Live Dubstep, Dub, DnB, Jungle

Entrance: 40rmb

For our second session of 2011, Sub-Culture welcome back Macau badboy N1D, and also welcome Macau’s second-in-command – Achun, with a live Dubstep set!!


N1D is one of the key players in the Dubstep scene of Hong Kong and Macau. Starting off in 2008 and representing Heavy Hong Kong, N1D is now plays as a major role in the Heavy Dubstep night, bringing the heaviest Macau sounds onto the underground dance floors of Hong Kong. He is also one of the very few Dubstep producers in Asia. In 2010 N1D founded his own crew “Healthy” with DJ Sannja, which is the first and the only Bass Music label organizing monthly D&B / Dubstep night in Macau.


Achun is a Macanese electronic musician. His music style is deeply influenced by post-punk, shoegaze, etc, and has now developed into the 140bpm Dubstep sound. Achun is going to smash up the dancefloor by his trademarking dark, explosive digital noise over the solid 140bpm in a well layered live set. He released one of his best tunes to date tune earlier this year – Deeper. The remix of “Deeper” by Macau Dubstep Badboy N1D can be heard on Kongkretebass Episode 111 and is included in HEAVY Hong Kong 4th birthday mixtape.

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