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Bass Around Asia

Published March 9, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Happy Birthday to Syndicate Beijing and Heavy HongKong!!!!

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Thursday 10th March – Bass-Ment

Line Up: Minimal Entropy, Florian Bo, Steven Lorenz

@ The Shelter, Shanghai


Friday 11th March – Shanghai By Bus feat President Carter

Line Up: President Carter, The Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem

@ The Shelter, Shanghai


Saturday 12th March – Sweatshop feat LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad

Line Up: LTJ Bukem, Siesta, Milan J, MC Stride

@ The Shelter, Shanghai



Friday 11th March – Syndicate 7th Birthday feat LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad

Line Up:  LTJ Bukem, MC Conrad, Slide feat Anne Marie, Blackie, LYDNB, Kay C, Dan Stephenson

@ YuGongYiShan, Beijing




Saturday 12th March – Doshy and Dr Chaos

Line Up: Doshy, Dr Chaos

@ 25th Floor Club, GuangZhou



Friday 11th March – Fata: Friday Dubstep and DnB

Line Up: Stitcha, N1D, Yao

@ Otto Lounge, Hong Kong


Saturday 12th March – Heavy 5th Anniversary feat RSD

Line Up: RSD, Sensi Lion, DJ Wash, Blood Dunza, N1D, DJ Asayo, Stef:funn, Fat Yauman, Rebearth MC, VJ 4RM

@ Hidden Agenda, Hong Kong



Friday 11th March – Phatfunk  DnB Party Vol. 7

Line Up: DJ Tales, Azek, Instinct, Sky Gazing

@ Café Democ, Bangkok


Saturday 12th March – The Resonance (Experimental and Post Music Festival)

Line Up: Massive – check the event link

@ Club Culture, Bangkok



Sunday 13th March – Irie Sunday – Ska Night

Line Up: Count Kufu and The Balmers, Coffeebreak Island, Red-I, Don P, Takashi, Tatsuki, Papadom, Greedy-P

@ B-Side, Manila


Interview: RSD

Published March 3, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Jake Newby over at Time Out Shanghai interviewed Rob Smith for their March issue (which has just come out so go grab a copy). Due to limited space, there are only extracts of the interview in the magazine, but here we have the interview in full. Big up to Jake and Time Out for all their support!


Jake: How did you first get into music? Was there a particular moment or record that you remember as being particularly influential in making you want to get involved in music?

Rob: There isn’t one particular record, but as a kid I was fascinated by the dub versions on the b sides of 7” reggae singles. I really wanted to be able to make those sounds!


Jake: What made you want to make the switch from playing guitar in Restriction to forming Three Stripe?

Rob: Through the experiences of making demos for the band, and mixing them on simple 4 track recorders, I became more interested in mixing & production.At that time, Three Stripe was a soundsystem. When I joined, Ray Mighty and I built a studio and started the label.


Jake: How did Smith & Mighty come about?

Rob: I met Ray when I was invited to join a band called ’Sweat’. Ray and I found that we had a similar interest in sequencing and linking beat machines together. After the band split up, Ray and I continued as Smith & Mighty.


Jake: Was there a sense for you of being part of a movement or of something really big happening in Bristol when you started out? Why do you think such a movement emerged in the city at that time?

Rob: To be honest, we were very unaware that there was such a focus forming from the outside world towards Bristol sounds. The city has always had a strong reggae background but also punk, soul and hip hop were big influences at that time. We weren’t afraid to mix up sounds and flavours and unlike the scene in London, we didn’t have the same kind of pressure to compete.. So I think Bristol had its own pace which allowed time for sounds to ’brew’.


Jake: How do your roots in the Bristol scene influence your current sound and productions?

Rob: I’m just a dub head! I like to make dub related music.


Jake: How does your dubstep project RSD differ from your previous work?

Rob: For me its an obvious continuation.. It feels kinda similar to what I’ve always done in respect of production and treatments.


Jake: What are you currently working on?

Rob: Ive just made some remixes, one for Emika which I’m very happy about. I have an album coming soon for release in Japan called ‘Go in a good way’ and I’m currently working with some new singers for the next project.


Jake: What do you make of the current Bristol music scene? Whose music really excites you at the moment?

Rob: Ha.. Too many!! Pinch, Pev, Guido, Wascal, Mensah, Kahn, Gorgan Sound, Central Spillz, Joker, Dubkasm, Phaeleh, Jakes..


Jake: What can people expect from your show in Shanghai this time round?

Rob: Some new stuff from my self and new things from artists I respect plus classic Dub & beats.


Jake: Are there any classic/favourite records that you’re guaranteed to drop in your sets? If so, what and why?

Rob: I usually like to drop ‘Murderation’ at some point because it’s a good example of what I’m interested in, classic reggae sounds with beats and dub attitude. I like to drop a bit of Jungle in there somewhere as well.


Jake: Anything else you’d like to add?

Rob: Its not really music related but..

My friend told me recently that worrying is like praying for something you don’t want.

and someone else told me..

Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want, and give thanks for everything you have.



Catch RSD, along side Red-I and Soul Flower, this Saturday @ The Shelter, Shanghai!

Bass Around Asia

Published March 2, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Here’s a whole load of stuff going down this week! To add an event please contact us at



Thursday 3rd March – ROM

Line Up: icenine, Cavia, Deville, Olivepixel + guests

@ The Shelter, Shanghai


Friday 4th March – DJ Mulan @ Dada

Line Up: DJ Mulan + guests

@ Dada, Shanghai


Saturday 5th March – Sub-Cuture present: Red-I and Soul Flower + special guest RSD

Line Up: Red-I, Soul Flower, RSD, dji, Deville, Drunk Monk, ChaCha, Didje, Esia, Arminda

@ The Shelter, Shanghai



Friday 4th March – Chaos X Tri-Lithium – Bass Attack

Line Up: Doshy, Trilithium, Flying Sparks, vno, Alex So

@ Ping Pong Bar, GuangZhou



Friday 4th March – Heavy Riddims with Carter Van Pelt (NYC)

Line Up: Carter Van Pelt (President Carter), Good Vibes All Stars, Blood Dunza, N1D, Stef:funn,  Ghetto J

@ Backstage, HongKong


Friday 4th March – Fata Friday

Line Up: Stitcha, N1D, Yao

@ Otto Lounge, HongKong



Friday 4th March – Giant Swing

Line Up: Doppelgenger, mAsa niwayama, Hiroo

@ Glow, Bangkok


Ho Chi Minh

Saturday 5th March – Bass Republic

Line Up: Jase, Demon Slayer, DJ Scramble Edge

@ Vascos, HoChiMinh



Saturday 5th March – Urban Grounds


Line Up: Markie Madness, DJ Hans

@ B-Side, Manila



Saturday 5th March – Future Shock DnB

Line Up: J-Path and MC DE, MC Kela, Branx & MC Getka, Psytonic, Mindbender, Fin, Catalyst, Roem, N-U, AK, Arch, VJ Grayman

@ Heaven, Seoul


RSD aka Rob Smith – Smith and Mighty – This Saturday!!

Published March 1, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

RSD – Tokyo, Feb 2010


We’re pretty bad a keeping secrets so some of you already know this, and some of you will have guessed, but joining our guests Red-I and Soul Flower this Saturday at Shelter is the one and only RSD – aka Rob Smith from the legendary Smith and Mighty/More Rockers!


Smith and Mighty


RSD, perhaps better known as Bristol bass and drum music stalwart Rob Smith (one half of respected production duo Smith and Mighty), has been pushing bass heavy rhythms for more than two decades.



Under the moniker RSD, Rob Smith produces fresh, innovative bass music that simultaneously pays dues to his deep soundsystem roots while pushing things ever forward. He remains firmly at the forefront of Bristol’s endlessly inventive music scene. With a staggering discography and a range of projects encompassing dub, drum and bass, 2-step and dubstep, Rob Smith has has his finger squarely on the bass-pulse. From his musical beginnings playing guitar in local roots reggae band Restriction, Rob’s music has always had a strong dub aesthetic.



Forming the, now legendary, production duo Smith and Mighty with collaborator Ray Mighty in 1987, the pair’s early releases on the Three Stripe label were influential in laying the groundwork for both the trip hop and jungle scenes for which Bristol would become renowned. As well as their own releases, they take production credit for Massive Attacks first release ’Any Love’ and Fresh Fours top ten hit ’Wishing on a star’.



A period of chart success and major label involvement in the early nineties was followed by a return to their underground roots for Smith and Mighty. During this time they worked with Peter D. Rose to release groundbreaking music on their More Rockers imprint.



Rob Smith also went on to collaborate with local roots reggae producers Henry & Louis. This fruitful relationship culminated in 2001 with the release of the fantastic ‘Time Will Tell’ LP. Smith and Mighty’s addictive 2002 jump-up vocal cut “B-line fi blow” featuring Niji 40 may still be firmly lodged in many listeners’ brains.



Rob Smith has found a new home as RSD, comfortably adapting to the rolling, sub- heavy rhythms of dubstep. With releases on respected labels including Punch Drunk, Earwax and Tectonic, RSD’s sound is typified by impossibly heavy soundsystem-testing sub-lines and junglist dub breaks. The irresistible energy of tunes such as 2007’s infectious breaky roller “Pretty Bright Lights”, 2008’s bubbling summer-vibed “Speakerbox”, the dread-fuelled stepper “Jahway”, 2009’s “Good Energy” and 2010’s “Naked Mariokart” has rapidly cemented them as anthems.



This Saturday @ The Shelter – Sub-Culture present: Red-I and Soul Flower (Dubplate, Manila) + special guest RSD (Rob Smith – Smith and Mighty) – Don’t miss!!!!

Bass Around Asia

Published January 11, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

The bass music scene around asia is growing month by month, with more and more international producers and DJs coming over as well as local crews popping up all over the place. Every week (if we remember) we will post up a list of all the events taking place around China and SE Asia so where ever you are hopefully you can get your weekly bass fix! If we’ve missed any events (which we probably have) please feel free to contact us at and we’ll make sure to add it to the list.

Above is a pic of my favorite flyer for this week, Dubway presents High Rankin, designed by Awattha Thanapanich


Friday 14th January – Uprooted Sunshine – Shanghai By Bus

Line Up: Killer Bob, dji, Drunk Monk, ChaCha, Esia, Arminda + guests

Entrance: 30rmb

@ The Shelter, Shanghai, China

Saturday 15th January – Sweatshop present: DJ Storm

Line Up: DJ Storm, Siesta, Milan J, Empfab, MC Stride, JJMC

Entrace: 60rmb

@ The Shelter, Shanghai, China


Friday 14th January – Fata Friday

Line Up: Subcoat, Jeez, N1D, Rolec

Entrance: $50

@ Otto Lounge, HongKong


Friday 14th January – Phat Funk

Line Up: Kik Crash, Azek, Instinct, Sky Gazing (Orawan & Delorean)

@ Café Democ, Bangkok, Thailand

Saturday 15th January – Dubway present: High Rankin

Line Up: High Rankin, Dragon, Hiroo, Jo Stitch, Mc Sinamon, VJ Gorb

Entrance: 300 baht, free before 11pm

@ Club Culture, Bangkok, Thailand


Friday 14th January – Dubplate Manila presents: Daedelus (Ninjatune)

Line Up: Daedelus, Don P, Mulan, Caliph8, Malek, Red-I, Soulflower, Timmy C

@ B-Side, Manila, Philippines

Sunday 16th January – Irie Sunday with RSD (Smith and Mighty)

Line Up: RSD, Milagros Dancehall Collective, Count Kutu, Red-I Soundsystem, Don-P, Papdom, Big Answer Sound, Greedy P

@ B-Side, Manila, Philippines


Tuesday 18th January – Monsoon presents: Daedelus

Line Up: Daedelus, Figure Of Speech, Shazat The Beatboxer, Cee, The:Donn

@ Laundry Bar, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia

Sub-Culture presents: RSD (Rob Smith – Smith and Mighty)

Published December 31, 2010 by subcultureshanghai

RSD aka Rob Smith (Smith and Mighty)

To round off the Uprooted 5 Year Anniversary, we put together a whole weekend of events at The Shelter, Shanghai. The Friday was headlined by Clive Chin and Twice, with SigBinHaus Soundsystem from Philippines in support, and the Saturday Sub-Culture brought over the one and only RSD aka Rob Smith from Smith and Mighty. Both events were dope, and RSD played an amazing set of heavy, reggae influenced Dubstep. Keep your eye out for a return visit from Rob in the coming months!

Also, check out the killer poster designed by long time Sub-Culture collaberator Chris Tomoya!

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