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KVLT02 – This Saturday

Published November 4, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

kvlt shanghai

Saturday 9th November

Sub-Culture present: KVLT 02

Line Up: DJ Dragon (Bangkok), Red-I (Manila), Soul Flower (Manila), Jase (Saigon), ChaCha (Shanghai), Drunk Monk (Shanghai)

Entrance: 50rmb

@ The Shelter, 5 YongFu Lu

Sub-Culture are excited to bring the cream of Asia’s bass music promoters and DJs all together for the 2nd installment of KVLT, a series of events bringing together the various crews, producers and djs from around Asia. We have all known and worked with each other for many years, but this is the first time we have all met together and played at the same party, so you know we are all going to be bringing our A-game!


DJ Dragon (Home Bass Communications, Dubway – Bangkok, Thailand)

Born in Bangkok Thailand in 1976 Dragon was raised in a family of artists and musicians. As a child he had a passion for playing drums and percussion but it wasn’t until he moved to live in Canada that he fell in love DJing and drum n bass music. After his completing his “education” Dragon moved back to Bangkok. It was here that Dragon realized that his ultimate goal in life was to spread Drum n Bass to the Thai audience. In 1997 he formed the Homebass Communications Crew with Mc Abu and DJ Wen. To date the crew have organized some of the best DnB events in the Kingdom having had guests such as l Double, Jon B, DJ SS, Aphrodite, Mickey Finn, Dread Bass, Ez Rollers and Ray Keith. The crew also hosted the Kingdoms longest running electronic music show called the Homebass Show on 104.5 fat radio. Fast forward to present day and Dragon is still spreading the vibes only this time with a record label and also Dubway Sessions the biggest Dubstep event in Thailand.


Red-I & Soul Flower (B-Side, Dubplate, Irie Sunday – Manila, Philippines)

Founding member of B-Side and Dubplate Manila, Red-I is one of the corner stones of the Manila beat scene. Heavily influenced by reggae, dub, hiphop and bass-weight, after releasing numerous beat tapes over the last few years he finally released his debut LP earlier in 2012 – Jahdgement Day, a heavy-hitting 15 track behemoth of electronica, dub, bass and experimental sounds. Although his previous works are sample based dusty grooves, this album focuses more on space analog synth work and drum programs.

Partner in crime, Soul Flower, is one of Manila’s best kept secrets. One of the finest Djs in Asia, Soul Flower brings serious heavyweight sounds to the table. The pair have played with Sub-Culture in Tokyo as well as Shanghai and never fail to mash up the dance!


Jase (The Beats – Saigon, Vietnam)

Jase is Vietnam’s original bass DJ. After buying his first pair of 1200’s whilst living in Australia in 2001, Jase moved back to Vietnam in 2007 and started ‘The Beats’, the now legendary bass movement in his native land, focusing on promoting beat based music and bringing international DJs to town such as Daedelus, DJ Premier, TokiMonsta, Doshy, Samiyam, Jamie Vex’d and many more. He also co-founded Saigon Rockers to push the Dub Reggae scene in Saigon. Its been a good few years since Jase last played with Sub-Culture, and we are very excited to see what sounds he brings with him!


ChaCha (Sub-Culture, Chee Productions, AM444 – Shanghai, China)

ChaCha, from Guizhou, China, has been singing for over 10 years. Never scared to try new styles, ChaCha rhymes and sings on everything from trip hop and reggae to dubstep and drum and bass. Although she loves to perform with all these styles of music, her main passion is for trip hop and downbeat. A self-taught producer, her own productions are dark and moody, with influences from the likes of classic trip hop such as Dj Shadow, DJ Krush and Portishead to the more abstract, idm sounds of Boards of Canada and Tujiko Noriko. As well as member of Shanghai’s Uprooted Sunshine Soundsytem and Sub-Culture crew, ChaCha has recorded with the likes of Kode9, Clive Chin, Jahtari, Desto, Jimi Tenor, Adrian Sherwood, Hamacide, Rumi and Sickstar, as well as her AM444 project along side Jay.Soul. One of China’s brightest underground stars, ChaCha effortlessly switches up styles to fit the reggae, electronic, hip-hop and leftfield grooves she sings her sharp self-penned lyrics over. ChaCha was also the first ever mainland Chinese participant at Red Bull Music Academy last year in Madrid, and since then has started a new solo project under the moniker Faded Ghost, a dark, ethereal sound using vocal effects, loops, field recordings and synth work.


Drunk Monk (Sub-Culture, SVBKVLT, The Shelter – Shanghai, China)

Drunk Monk is the founder of Shanghai’s The Shelter, Sub-Culture and the SVBKVLT label. A record collector from an early age due to his father obsession with vinyl, Drunk Monk has been pushing the music he loves for over 15 years. Responsible for bringing some of the most forward thinking electronic artists to China, as well as promoting local sounds and art through the now-closed PAUSE:MUSIC and his newly inaugurated SVBKVLT imprint. Depending on his alcohol intake on the night, Drunk Monk’s dj sets range from a heavy sonic assault to aural bliss, but are always packed full or rarities, exclusives and upfront sounds.

New Releases

Published June 26, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

We’ve been pretty bad at blogging recently. No excuses really, just forgot/couldn’t be arsed for a while, but coming up soon and over the last few weeks there have been a bunch of great releases from some goods friends of Sub-Culture so we thought we’d get back at it and round up some of our favorites:


Neo Tokyo Bass – Level Music 3, 4 & 5

Neo Tokyo Bass are just about to drop the next 3 releases in their free Level Music series, this time from Endless, Kokoro and guest producer Keyed Up. Serious quality productions on all three ‘levels’ with that nice sparkling yet grimey sound NTB are quickly perfecting. You should all be keeping an eye on these guys, you’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon.


exquisite delegates

Photograph by Benoit Florencon

 Exquisite Delegates – Exquisite Delegates

Fresh Shanghai hiphop styles a long time in the making, Exquisite Delegates (Amine, Sunbiz and Dana) finally drop their self titled debut album. Tight production and flows, with a great collab with Sub-Culture’s own ChaCha! Looking forward to the live shows!

‘The Exquisite Delegates started with Amine from the Netherlands, and Sunbiz from Canada meeting in Shanghai working for the same music production house. Fellow delegate Dana Shellmire a.k.a. ‘Ocean Keep Waving’ from the US soon joined the duo as well. Finding out quickly they had a shared interest and passion for good music and a specific sound, the MC, vocalist and producer trio dove into the studio and thus the Exquisite Delegates were born.’



Red-I – Spiritual Roots

Coming out this Friday on the always impressive Dub Temple Records, Manila badman Red-I drops a beat tape made up entirely of Filipino samples. Red’s lab constantly churns out quality beats so we are very excited to hear this release. Check the track Sabi Nila below for a sample of what to expect



DJ Wash – Magnitude/World’s Demise

From Hong Kong via Dresden, Kongkrete Bass’ Wash rolls out two heavy weight cuts ‘Magnitude’ and ‘World’s Demise’ for the Section 8 label. Dark, rough and rolling, exactly what we’d expect from one of Hong Kong’s best producers!


Published May 24, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


As SVBKVLT is now online and picking up speed, we have put together a little compilation of choice cuts from our current releases as well as previews of forthcoming SVBKVLT material and some upfront tracks from some of our favorite local producers, including the first taste of Laura Ingalls’ killer cassette release, some fresh beats from Downstate and Hamacide, TzuSing’s first officially released track, a stunning preview of Bent Lynchpin’s (Caliph8’s band) forthcoming debut and SLV’v deadly VIP version of ‘Killers’, as well as a few other tracks featured on our first few cassette releases. The comp comes in the form of a digital download card, designed by Kim Laughton, and only 300 have been made, with around 150 already given out around Tokyo last weekend. We have put aside a bunch of these cards to give out to the first 100 people at this Saturday’s Sub-Culture / Stockholm Syndrome collab at Shelter with Jimmy Edgar. Get down early!


  1. Caliph8 – Mis-shapen Clouded Figure
  2. SLV – Killers VIP
  3. Hamacide – The Ghoul That Went West (demo)
  4. Downstate – Bodies
  5. Bent Lynchpin – Rude Mental
  6. TzuSing – Rabid4Love
  7. Red-I – Red Edit
  8. Laura Ingalls – 7 Oscillators Of Reason

Two Fresh Mixes From Red-I + Floyd Cheung

Published March 14, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

red-i mix

Slowly trying to get back up to speed with the blog but a sudden move of house has been dragging us down the last few weeks, during which time we have been listening to the two great mixes from future SVBKVLT Beat Tape artists Red-I (Manila) and Floyd Cheung (Hong Kong).

First up is a killer mix of beats by Red-I, all of which only sampling old dusty Thai records and sounding something like a Muay Thai clash between Onra and RZA. Deadly stuff

floyd cheung

Next up is a great selection that Hong Kong’s Floyd Cheung has done for Actual Facts podcast series. Smooth jams to ease the pain of packing up all your shit and moving to a new place.

Both Red and Floyd have SVBKVLT beat cassettes coming out in April, both of which are absolute killers! More info soon…

SVBKVLT Beat Tapes

Published March 7, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

The Anatomy Of A Cassette

Sub-Culture took a few months break at the start of the year to get a few things in order for 2013, the beginnings of which unfold tonight…

Along side the Sub-Culture / BTS Radio collaboration tonight at The Shelter, we are also releasing our first cassette – the SVBKVLT beat tape series. The platform aims to bring together and highlight some of the best beat producers from around asia, wether they be already known and active in the scene or hidden in their bedrooms, in an attempt to give these beat makers more exposure and also to help bring together the beat scene in the east.

SVBKVLT Beat Tapes

Although the cassette is an almost obsolete media format these days, there is still a small but strong scene around the world still releasing music on tape. Im not sure wether its purely nostalgia, but the warm hiss of a tape adds a little something to the sound of certain genres and gives it a more personal, physical feel. Also, when I buy music I like to hold something, to read the linear notes, to have something tangible rather than just a digital file which holds no real value. Although the main point is to listen to the music, i like to own it too.

Of course, not everyone has a cassette player these days, we know this, and so each SVBKVLT beat tape will also come with a digital download of the cassette in your choice of format (Flac, Wav, MP3, etc), and next month we will also be releasing a limited edition SVBKVLT tape player so you can experience the cassettes as they are supposed to sound. Also, those of you in Shanghai, Sacco down at Uptown Records (115 PingWu Lu) is opening up an analogue dungeon down in his vinyl pit and stocking boomboxes, walkmans, reel to reel players and other obsolete oddities.

Faded Ghost - Ghost Ark

The first cassette to be released is by Shanghai’s Faded Ghost (aka ChaCha). The Ghost Ark EP was released late last year, but the hazy drones and vocal loops sound so good on an analogue cassette that we had to re-release it in this format. It also comes with a bonus SLV remix of ‘I Remember’, download card, artwork by Nini Sum and packaged in a hand-numbered card box in an edition of only 40! Get down to The Shelter early tonight to grab a copy!

The second SVBKVLT tape will be from Manila’s Caliph8 and will be released on Saturday March 23rd at our first collaboration with Stockholm Syndrome featuring Demdike Stare’s Sean Canty and Caliph8 himself, and this will be followed by releases from Hong Kong’s FLoyd Cheung and Manila’s Red-I in April.

All current and upcoming cassettes will also be available online from next week, and if you would like to pre-order or are interested in releasing a cassette with us you can email us at

Sub-Culture Tokyo Vol. 1

Published November 13, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

As well as our 5 year anniversary,November also sees us achieve a goal we’ve been striving for for years, the first Sub-Culture Tokyo event! We will be releasing full details next week, but here is the info on a special cd we have put together for the event. Performing at Sub-Culture Tokyo will be Faded Ghost (ChaCha), Downstate, Hamacide, Red-i and Soul Flower (B-Side, Manila), Skyfish (JP) and Drunk Monk, and we have compiled this cd, including a bunch of unreleased tracks, to give away at the event. The artwork was designed by our favourite Shanghainese artist Cheeri Wang, and it fits the vibe of the cd perfectly. We will have a handful of these this weekend at our anniversary events in Dada Beijing and The Shelter Shanghai, keep your eyes peeled! Here’s the tracklist

Sub-Culture Tokyo Vol. 1

1. Faded Ghost – Fake OST*

2. Red-I – Sound Boy Abduction

3. ChaCha & Disrupt – They Lie*

4. Hamacide – Buta (Hamacide Instrumental Remix)

5. Downstate – H E A P*

6. Red-I – Magnetic Frequency*

7. S L V (Downsate & Hamacide) – Clip Arp (Demo)*

8. Hamacide feat. ChaCha – You Me (Original Version)

9. Downstate – Old Open Mourning*

10. Hamacide and Chain Of Lakes – All Around

*previously unreleased

Bass Around Asia

Published March 2, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Here’s a whole load of stuff going down this week! To add an event please contact us at



Thursday 3rd March – ROM

Line Up: icenine, Cavia, Deville, Olivepixel + guests

@ The Shelter, Shanghai


Friday 4th March – DJ Mulan @ Dada

Line Up: DJ Mulan + guests

@ Dada, Shanghai


Saturday 5th March – Sub-Cuture present: Red-I and Soul Flower + special guest RSD

Line Up: Red-I, Soul Flower, RSD, dji, Deville, Drunk Monk, ChaCha, Didje, Esia, Arminda

@ The Shelter, Shanghai



Friday 4th March – Chaos X Tri-Lithium – Bass Attack

Line Up: Doshy, Trilithium, Flying Sparks, vno, Alex So

@ Ping Pong Bar, GuangZhou



Friday 4th March – Heavy Riddims with Carter Van Pelt (NYC)

Line Up: Carter Van Pelt (President Carter), Good Vibes All Stars, Blood Dunza, N1D, Stef:funn,  Ghetto J

@ Backstage, HongKong


Friday 4th March – Fata Friday

Line Up: Stitcha, N1D, Yao

@ Otto Lounge, HongKong



Friday 4th March – Giant Swing

Line Up: Doppelgenger, mAsa niwayama, Hiroo

@ Glow, Bangkok


Ho Chi Minh

Saturday 5th March – Bass Republic

Line Up: Jase, Demon Slayer, DJ Scramble Edge

@ Vascos, HoChiMinh



Saturday 5th March – Urban Grounds


Line Up: Markie Madness, DJ Hans

@ B-Side, Manila



Saturday 5th March – Future Shock DnB

Line Up: J-Path and MC DE, MC Kela, Branx & MC Getka, Psytonic, Mindbender, Fin, Catalyst, Roem, N-U, AK, Arch, VJ Grayman

@ Heaven, Seoul


RSD aka Rob Smith – Smith and Mighty – This Saturday!!

Published March 1, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

RSD – Tokyo, Feb 2010


We’re pretty bad a keeping secrets so some of you already know this, and some of you will have guessed, but joining our guests Red-I and Soul Flower this Saturday at Shelter is the one and only RSD – aka Rob Smith from the legendary Smith and Mighty/More Rockers!


Smith and Mighty


RSD, perhaps better known as Bristol bass and drum music stalwart Rob Smith (one half of respected production duo Smith and Mighty), has been pushing bass heavy rhythms for more than two decades.



Under the moniker RSD, Rob Smith produces fresh, innovative bass music that simultaneously pays dues to his deep soundsystem roots while pushing things ever forward. He remains firmly at the forefront of Bristol’s endlessly inventive music scene. With a staggering discography and a range of projects encompassing dub, drum and bass, 2-step and dubstep, Rob Smith has has his finger squarely on the bass-pulse. From his musical beginnings playing guitar in local roots reggae band Restriction, Rob’s music has always had a strong dub aesthetic.



Forming the, now legendary, production duo Smith and Mighty with collaborator Ray Mighty in 1987, the pair’s early releases on the Three Stripe label were influential in laying the groundwork for both the trip hop and jungle scenes for which Bristol would become renowned. As well as their own releases, they take production credit for Massive Attacks first release ’Any Love’ and Fresh Fours top ten hit ’Wishing on a star’.



A period of chart success and major label involvement in the early nineties was followed by a return to their underground roots for Smith and Mighty. During this time they worked with Peter D. Rose to release groundbreaking music on their More Rockers imprint.



Rob Smith also went on to collaborate with local roots reggae producers Henry & Louis. This fruitful relationship culminated in 2001 with the release of the fantastic ‘Time Will Tell’ LP. Smith and Mighty’s addictive 2002 jump-up vocal cut “B-line fi blow” featuring Niji 40 may still be firmly lodged in many listeners’ brains.



Rob Smith has found a new home as RSD, comfortably adapting to the rolling, sub- heavy rhythms of dubstep. With releases on respected labels including Punch Drunk, Earwax and Tectonic, RSD’s sound is typified by impossibly heavy soundsystem-testing sub-lines and junglist dub breaks. The irresistible energy of tunes such as 2007’s infectious breaky roller “Pretty Bright Lights”, 2008’s bubbling summer-vibed “Speakerbox”, the dread-fuelled stepper “Jahway”, 2009’s “Good Energy” and 2010’s “Naked Mariokart” has rapidly cemented them as anthems.



This Saturday @ The Shelter – Sub-Culture present: Red-I and Soul Flower (Dubplate, Manila) + special guest RSD (Rob Smith – Smith and Mighty) – Don’t miss!!!!

Red-I Kongkrete Bass Mix

Published February 28, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


With impeccable timing, the latest Kongkast has just dropped, this time with a killer mix from this Saturday’s guest Red-I! A great selection of reggae-influenced dubstep! Red-I will be joining Sub-Culture with his partner in crime Soul Flower, as well as our secret guest (who will be announced tomorrow – but a small clue, he produced one of the tracks in this mix!). Big up Kongkrete Bass and Red-I – killing it every time!!

KONGKAST #133 – feat. Red-I (Dub-Plate, B-Sides / Manila)


  1. Pinch – One Blood, One Source ft. Rudy Lee
  2. Jazzsteppa – Taylor Rain
  3. Kalbata – Ninja
  4. Benga – Zombie Jig
  5. Henry & Louis – Rise Up (RSD Remix)
  6. Skream – Blue eyez
  7. Matty G – One Step
  8. Dark Angel – Cool & Humble (Untold Remix)
  9. Blasta, Solo Banton – Burn Babylon Coke
  10. Ale Fillman, OutRun – 8 Bit Spliff (Ale Fillman Skanker Remix)
  11. Sarantis – Half Dead
  12. Sasquatch feat. YT – Hidden Agenda
  13. 6blocc – Never Scared
  14. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Earthshaking
  15. Prince Fatty Vs Moody Boyz – Milk and Honey (Moody Boyz RMX)

Sub-Culture present: Red-I and Soul Flower

Published February 19, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Saturday 5th March

Sub-Culture present: Red-I and Soul Flower (Dub-Plate Manila, B-side) + special guest

Line Up: Red-I, Astrid, Drunk Monk, Deville, dji, ChaCha, Didje, Esia, Arminda

Entrance: 60rmb

For 2011’s third Sub-Culture session we are excited to be joined by Manila’s finest – Red-I and Soul-Flower, plus a special return visit from one of our favourite guests from last year.


Red-I is a dj/producer who has always tried to bring something different to Manila.  His main influences for music is reggae and bass although he always keeps his dj sets eclectic.  Part of the Dub-Plate Manila team,  he has hosted and played along side Gaslamp Killer, Kode 9, Daedelus, Free The Robots, Tokimonsta, Nobody, D-Styles, Shortkut, and RSD.  He  has also won mutiple awards for Djing including the Philippine DMCs.


Soulflower is part of the Red-I Soundsystem which is a team that pushes experimental music, reggae and bass culture in Manila.  Her dj sets are known to be powerful, catchy and full of low frequency.  Her main influences are bass culture, dancehall, dubstep and new school beats.  Soulflower has always brought Manila something different to dance to.

Red-I and Soul-Flower will be going head to head with the Sub-Culture crew, plus we have a secret return visit from one of last years biggest guests at Sub-Culture! Keep your eyes peeled for more info soon….

*** This month’s poster was design by Beijing twins ‘TwoQee’. More info on them coming soon….***

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