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Digging In The Crates with Jase and Pucci

Published May 30, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

A couple of weeks back Sub-Culture had the pleasure of hosting DJ Jase and VJ Pucci from The Beats – Saigon. They were in Shanghai for a few days, so a couple of days before the Shelter session (where they smashed it by the way!!) we went to the record spot to get our fingernails dirty. I hadn’t been for a while, and the place is a bit hit and miss, so I wasn’t really expecting much, but oh was I wrong! I picked up around 35 pieces, and Jase and Pucci had a whole box full! Here’s just a few of the picks that i dug out…


When we arrived at the record spot, I started digging through a few boxes and found a handful of brand new Trojan record re-issues. The guy running the shop noticed that I was quite excited and pulled out a whole bunch of Trojan 10″s, all brand new! Cloak and Dagger, above, is one of my favourite Perry productions and, funnily enough, my Dad gave me the album as a wedding present just a few weeks before (thats why the site has been a bit quiet of recent if you didnt know). This was one of the 10″s and it has 4 killer versions of the track.


Another Perry production, this one on a 12″. I have the album version of this on a 10″ but this is the 12″ version. Classic!


And another classic Perry cut. I remember my Dad used to play an ex-rated version of this by Prince Buster. I dropped this tune last week at Shelter and the pressing is really heavy! Really nice bass on this one. Also got Know Love on the flip, another great cut.


Back when i used to play a lot more hip hop, this one was a staple in my sets. Wu-Tang are pretty much my all time favourite hip-hop group and have heavily influenced my listening habits over the years. Nice to have this on a 12 again.


Slept on this when it first came out and been really getting into Steve Spacek recently, so well happy to find this. Absolute belter of an album!


Not particularly hard to find at all, but nice shiny new 12 of this. Great summer tune!


Other honorable mentions go to DJ Food – Kaleidoscope LP, EPMD – Strictly BusinessLP (original pressing!), DJ Shortkut – Blunted With A Beat Junkie LP and a Trojan comp called Rebel Music.



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