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New Releases

Published June 26, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

We’ve been pretty bad at blogging recently. No excuses really, just forgot/couldn’t be arsed for a while, but coming up soon and over the last few weeks there have been a bunch of great releases from some goods friends of Sub-Culture so we thought we’d get back at it and round up some of our favorites:


Neo Tokyo Bass – Level Music 3, 4 & 5

Neo Tokyo Bass are just about to drop the next 3 releases in their free Level Music series, this time from Endless, Kokoro and guest producer Keyed Up. Serious quality productions on all three ‘levels’ with that nice sparkling yet grimey sound NTB are quickly perfecting. You should all be keeping an eye on these guys, you’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon.


exquisite delegates

Photograph by Benoit Florencon

 Exquisite Delegates – Exquisite Delegates

Fresh Shanghai hiphop styles a long time in the making, Exquisite Delegates (Amine, Sunbiz and Dana) finally drop their self titled debut album. Tight production and flows, with a great collab with Sub-Culture’s own ChaCha! Looking forward to the live shows!

‘The Exquisite Delegates started with Amine from the Netherlands, and Sunbiz from Canada meeting in Shanghai working for the same music production house. Fellow delegate Dana Shellmire a.k.a. ‘Ocean Keep Waving’ from the US soon joined the duo as well. Finding out quickly they had a shared interest and passion for good music and a specific sound, the MC, vocalist and producer trio dove into the studio and thus the Exquisite Delegates were born.’



Red-I – Spiritual Roots

Coming out this Friday on the always impressive Dub Temple Records, Manila badman Red-I drops a beat tape made up entirely of Filipino samples. Red’s lab constantly churns out quality beats so we are very excited to hear this release. Check the track Sabi Nila below for a sample of what to expect



DJ Wash – Magnitude/World’s Demise

From Hong Kong via Dresden, Kongkrete Bass’ Wash rolls out two heavy weight cuts ‘Magnitude’ and ‘World’s Demise’ for the Section 8 label. Dark, rough and rolling, exactly what we’d expect from one of Hong Kong’s best producers!

Interview: JP Cuison

Published June 9, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Sub-Culture presents: Addison Groove poster by JP Cuison


This month’s Sub-Culture poster (above) was desgined by Manila’s JP Cuison. We’ve had so many people ask us about this design (and so many posters stolen from The Shelter) that we thought we should start giving a bit more information on our guest artist each month, and so from this month onwards we will be doing short interviews and finding out a little more about their background, styles and influences.


Naked Lights poster by JP Cuison


Sub-Culture: Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been an artist? How did it start?

JP Cuison: I’m a Fine Arts graduate from UP Diliman, currently a senior art director in an advertising agency. I’ve been an artist for as long as I could remember. I think it started with my love for comics when I was a kid.. I’ve always been fascinated by the art I see there.


Sub-Culture: Your artwork has a distinct style to it. How did this come about? Was it a long process? Is it still evolving?

JP Cuison: I think, again, it came from my love for comics. Yeah, you can say it’s a long process just because it has been part of with me for the longest time. I guess it is still evolving because I like to sometimes change it up a little so that I don’t become a one note artist…


Sub-Culture: You have recently released your first comic book. Can you tell us a bit about it?

JP Cuison: It’s a homage to underground comix. I’ve always wanted to publish a comic book but the process of looking for a publisher and actually having my work published ‘officially’ is too long for me. So I just decided to make one on my own. It’s definitely much much faster that way.



Halloween poster by JP Cuison


Sub-Culture: Who’s your favourite comic book character? Why?

JP Cuison: Ironman/Tony Stark. So flashy, so real and he is rich 🙂


Sub-Culture: You design a lot of event posters. What goes on with your creative process? How do you start? Does the artist/genre of music you are making the poster for influence the design or do you just make what you feel like?

JP Cuison: I start with the event’s title, that serves as my brief. Usually my clients allow me to be crazy and let me do my own thing.. That’s what I like about my gig posters. I can actually say they’re all 100% me. I think that’s also why people come to me for gig posters– I guess they like the craziness of my work. (I hope.. :-))


Sub-Culture: Asterix and Addison Groove, whats the link?

JP Cuison: Actually it’s a war between Asterix and Thor. They’re fighting for the winged helmet. Well it’s a crazy battle and I feel Addison’s music could be the perfect ‘scoring’ for that war..


B-Side Anniversary poster by JP Cuison


Sub-Culture: If you had a super power, what would it be?

JP Cuison: Teleportation, I want to visit different countries anytime I want to…. and the best part is… it’s free 🙂


Sub-Culture: How is the comic book/art scene in Manila? Are there any other artists we should look out for?

JP Cuison: The indie comic scene here in Manila is very very active. The Urban art scene here is crazy. So many art galleries are opening and I think it’s a good sign that art is alive in Manila. It’s no New York (art scene wise), but I feel if we just give it some time and attention, we can get there. Manila is still a ‘baby’..


Sub-Culture: What are your 3 favourite movies?

JP Cuison: K-PAX, Ironman and X-men movies hehe 🙂


To find out more about JP, and to see more of his great artwork, check his blog here, and also his comic book blog here. As usual, Idle Beats have done some beautiful silk-screened prints of this month’s poster and they will be available to purchase at the event this Saturday @ Shelter!

Monday (ish) Mixtape: Caliph8 Live @ Malasimbo

Published June 7, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Last week we got an email from Manila’s Caliph8 with a link to this amazing live recording of his set at last years Malasimbo festival at Puerto Galera, Philippines. We’ve been listening to this constantly for the last week and it just keeps getting better! Here’s what Caliph had to say about the mix:


I played this at the 1st Malasimbo Music Festival in Mount Malasimbo in the Phjilippines last Feb as part of a roster of performers which was headlined by DJ Krush. The set I played is inspired by the 60’s film noir movement. I also invoked certain influences from a lot of “cinematic-dusty-drums” type of beats from God Father Don, Lord Finesse, Showbiz, Howie B, J. Saul Kane. I did a lot of  cutting and effects manipulation, I also played the MPC on top of the blends. I played a track from Max Roach then swiftly moved into a drum solo on MPC using the drum kits I sampled from a track called “Percussion Discussion” with his collab with Mingus. I decided to this since the drum solos he was was ripping out were infectious, I just felt like doing a tribute solo to him on the fly, done with Hiphop sensibilities. I continued the set into a more eclectic vibe by playing a modal track from Boards of Canada then blended it with Suicide’s “Ghost Rider”.  Then I finished off with Al Stewart’s “Return to Earth, after the original track played, I played a loose beat where I sampled the song without drums, then I laced the drum kits on top live.





Bass Around Asia

Published January 11, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

The bass music scene around asia is growing month by month, with more and more international producers and DJs coming over as well as local crews popping up all over the place. Every week (if we remember) we will post up a list of all the events taking place around China and SE Asia so where ever you are hopefully you can get your weekly bass fix! If we’ve missed any events (which we probably have) please feel free to contact us at and we’ll make sure to add it to the list.

Above is a pic of my favorite flyer for this week, Dubway presents High Rankin, designed by Awattha Thanapanich


Friday 14th January – Uprooted Sunshine – Shanghai By Bus

Line Up: Killer Bob, dji, Drunk Monk, ChaCha, Esia, Arminda + guests

Entrance: 30rmb

@ The Shelter, Shanghai, China

Saturday 15th January – Sweatshop present: DJ Storm

Line Up: DJ Storm, Siesta, Milan J, Empfab, MC Stride, JJMC

Entrace: 60rmb

@ The Shelter, Shanghai, China


Friday 14th January – Fata Friday

Line Up: Subcoat, Jeez, N1D, Rolec

Entrance: $50

@ Otto Lounge, HongKong


Friday 14th January – Phat Funk

Line Up: Kik Crash, Azek, Instinct, Sky Gazing (Orawan & Delorean)

@ Café Democ, Bangkok, Thailand

Saturday 15th January – Dubway present: High Rankin

Line Up: High Rankin, Dragon, Hiroo, Jo Stitch, Mc Sinamon, VJ Gorb

Entrance: 300 baht, free before 11pm

@ Club Culture, Bangkok, Thailand


Friday 14th January – Dubplate Manila presents: Daedelus (Ninjatune)

Line Up: Daedelus, Don P, Mulan, Caliph8, Malek, Red-I, Soulflower, Timmy C

@ B-Side, Manila, Philippines

Sunday 16th January – Irie Sunday with RSD (Smith and Mighty)

Line Up: RSD, Milagros Dancehall Collective, Count Kutu, Red-I Soundsystem, Don-P, Papdom, Big Answer Sound, Greedy P

@ B-Side, Manila, Philippines


Tuesday 18th January – Monsoon presents: Daedelus

Line Up: Daedelus, Figure Of Speech, Shazat The Beatboxer, Cee, The:Donn

@ Laundry Bar, Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia

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