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Life Recorders by LLND

Published February 24, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Laurent Lettree and Nathalie Delpech, aka LLND, have been in and around China for the last 6 or 7 years, warping the minds of the people with their experiments in art and sound. Tomorrow evening sees the opening of their new installation at their brand new space on 696 Weihai Lu. Entitled ‘Life Recorders’, the installations explore and interpret the modern day phenomenon of the way information is shared and distorted through the means of the Internet and how peoples minds are being electronically linked. It all sounds a bit ‘arty’ I know, but myself and ChaCha were invited down there this afternoon for a sneak preview of tomorrows opening, and it was really a lot of fun.



There are two rooms for the installations. The first room, on the first floor, was not quite ready yet and so we didn’t see the full working model, but what it contains is a large sculpture of a brain with various LED’s and sensors. Using, I guess, the same technology as a Theramin, you are able to manipulate sound and light emerging from the brain by moving your hands over certain areas. Like I said, it wasn’t all set up when we were there, but Laurent ensures us its going to be a lot of fun to play with. Also in the same room is an installation called ‘Xplosion’ by guest artist Stefane Perraud. Using LED’s, Stefane’s piece, although quite simple, is visually stunning. It’s like a small, static explosion. Again, the installation wasn’t in full working order as Stefane explained he will incorporate a video he made of fireworks on Chinese New Years Eve, entitled ‘Fake Warfare’.



The second room, on the second floor, is where all the fun begun for us. In the centre of the room there are 5 of the brain sculptures, this time including small speakers as well as LED’s. In the centre of the 5 brains there is a microphone. When you speak into the microphone, the sound is recorded and then sent randomly to and from each of the brains, with each brain repeating the sentance/sound but using pitch shift and effects, as well as incorporating short tones and sounds. It’s kind of cute and funny, but also a bit eerie at the same time. There are two other pieces using smaller brains, and there will also be an interactive video installation in the same room. We will keep what these pieces do a secret so not to spoil all the fun 🙂



‘Life Recorders’ opens tomorrow evening at 6pm at 696 Weihai Lu, Building 10, Space 222. When you enter 696, just go straight ahead until the end and you will find it. We’ll be going down to check out the full exhibition and to have a few drinks courtesy of LLND! See you there!

Click VS ROM – Tonight @ Shelter!

Published February 17, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Tonight a battle of the titans takes place at The Shelter. Purveyors of a cyberpunk future, ROM, go head to head with the mind expanding sounds of Click!

The line up is pretty serious – a live show from icenine, China DMC Champion Cavia, live sets from LLND and LON, DJ sets from Sub-Culture’s Deville and Drunk Monk, plus live visuals and installation by Olivepixel. Expect bass heavy sounds, live hiphop, glitchy beats and brain warping visuals! See you tonight!


Icenine – The World Of Tomorrow


LON – Erased Melodies


Click Vs ROM – Tonight @ The Shelter, 5 YongFu Lu. 10pm start – 20rmb

CLiCK! – Tonight!

Published January 20, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Tonight, CLiCK! returns to the murky depths of The Shelter, with a very special live show. Local producers LON, Downstate and LLND will be playing a special 2 hour set of live electronics and improvisations. All three producers are seriously talented, and it will be really interesting to see what they come up with all together. Afterwards Drunk Monk will be playing a set of dark, deep dubstep, before one or two of the three producers jump back on the decks. All this, plus visuals by ROM’s Olivepixel!

As usual, check http://www.4thday-shanghai.com for more info and a weekly track download!

See you tonight!!

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