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Laura Ingalls – Froti Frota MV by Tina Blakeney

Published August 13, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

Check this brand new music video for Laura Ingall’s ‘Froti Frota’ by Tina Blakeney, taken from his SVBKVLT beat cassette!

Listen to and buy the cassette here


Interview: Laura Ingalls

Published July 24, 2013 by subcultureshanghai
Photo by Benoit Florencon

Photo by Benoit Florencon

Ahead of releasing his SVBKVLT beat tape this Saturday, we sit down with Laura Ingalls (well, we chat with him over facebook) about his release, Acid Pony Club and other bits and pieces..


Sub-Culture: So, what have you been doing today?

Laura Ingalls: I was mixing an album by a 2 piece band called “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes”, which is actually a side project by Rhys from Pairs and Cee Q from Marquee VII, it’s weird pop i guess, we added a bunch of drones to the recordings, but we didn’t get naked.

Sub-Culture: That’s a relief. So this Saturday we’re releasing your cassette. Can you tell me a bit about how it was made why it was made, etc

Laura Ingalls: It’s some tracks that I did in my living room with a bunch of random equipment that we don’t use in the studio anymore cause they’re a bit obsolete. I sampled some random soul records and then bought some synths from Mengqi which completely changed the sound of the whole thing. It all went completely experimental and fairly noisey, so what was supposed to be a classic hiphop beat tape became more of an album full of weird sounds.

 Why it was made? Well mostly cause i was waiting for a new season of “The West Wing” to download so i had some time on my hand

acid pony

Sub-Culture: Ok, so Acid Pony Club are mainly known for boring house music, but recently you have started a drone night at Shelter, your live sets have got a lot more experimental and this tape is a long way from what people may be used to hearing from you. Why this change? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do? Are you bored of boring house?

Laura Ingalls: Well both me and Clem (other half of Acid Pony Club) started to listen to electronic music with pretty extreme stuff, hardcore, breakcore and whatnot. When we first met we were trading Venetian Snares and Aphex twin albums. House came later, we got older, fatter, it became harder to dance to fast beats. Now we’re even older and we can’t really dance altogether so drones are the way to go, no beat, just vaguely ondulated your body to show that, you know, get it. We’re not bored of house, it’s just that we are physically decaying. But yeah, besides that I don’t listen to that much house music at home so I guess it’s only logical that at some point other influences will transpose in my music, the idea of the tape was also to showcase another side of what I do and like, music that doesn’t necessarily belong in a club


Sub-Culture: Good answer

. So what are your thoughts about Shanghai these days? The scene, the parties, the producers

, etc

Laura Ingalls: Oh man, please, not that question, please, don’t make me rant, please, spare these guys another pointless pony rant. seriously.


Sub-Culture: Fair enough, 


So what else are you working on these days?

Laura Ingalls: We’re working a new volume of disco edits which should be out soon, with some proper cheesy stuff in there, namely an edit of the cure, you will love it! Other than that we’ve just finished mixing the Girls Like Mystery album which i’m pretty proud of, other than that it’s summer, everybody’s gone and since I’m not going on holiday this year I am planning to record the darkest shit ever made, because I hate you all, and no, I don’t wanna see your beach pictures on facebook.

 Oh and the Death To Ponies album is mixed, done, mastered and that  is THE exciting news for the next year!

Sub-Culture: Is Girls Like Mystery the worst band name in Shanghai?

Laura Ingalls: No they’re not, according to their guitar player, Pink Berries is the worst band in Shanghai

Sub-Culture: No no, not worst band, i mean worst band NAME

Laura Ingalls: Haha, no the worst band name in Shanghai is Rainbow Danger Club. Anyone who uses “club” in their name sucks.

death ponies

Sub-Culture: Ok, so whats been your favorite and least favorite gig this year?

Laura Ingalls: My favorite gig was pretty much any gig with Death To Ponies, I’m just happy when I’m on stage with these guys, torturing my Korg and screaming my guts out, it just feels good. We had a particularly great show last time we played at Yuyintang and it’s now time to take this one the road in China, super fucking excited!

My least favorite gig is playing anywhere were people request commercial music. As soon as some drunken male or female douche walks up and start to be adamant about wanting to hear rihanna or some other top 40 shit, that’s it, my night is ruined, it’s the worst gig ever, until the next one…

Sub-Culture: What is the last record that you bought?

 and what is the last record that you stole?

Laura Ingalls: The last record I bought is an album by Jose Feliciano, found it in a pile of dusty records at the electronic market. It’s fiiled with cheesy acoustic guitar covers of 60’s and 70’s classics, half of which are in spanish. It’s absolutely terrible music, but I don’t regret it one minute, everybody needs to have a good spanich cover of the doors at hand, cures the summer blues. I just stole a record, on soulseek…some obscure black metal band that has a name taken from some northern mythology or whatever, I can’t wait to play it at home, it’ll make my neighbors very happy.

dr dre

Sub-Culture: Dr Dre and Kendrick Lamar are in Shanghai this week. It’s also very hot weather. If Dr Dre asked you to go to the shop to get him something refreshing to cool him down, but he didnt specify what as he hasnt been into a shop in China so doesnt know what they sell, what would you buy Dr Dre?

Laura Ingalls: I would buy him a pair of fake Beats By Dre, see how fresh they are.

Sub-Culture: What was the last movie you watched? How was it?

Laura Ingalls: I watched the SINGLE most awful movie ever made yesterday. I was at the DVD shop, picked up some action-no-brainer-fuck-yeah-it’s-Monday sort of movie called “Olympus Is Fallen”. The villains are Koreans and it’s plain racist and full of pro-american bullshit. My brain still hurts. Today I just can’t wait to go home and watch that documentary about a recording studio called “Sound City”, made by Dave Grohl. It’s gonna be full of interviews with respected sound nerds talking about gear and how warm and awesome it sounds. Can’t wait


Sub-Culture: If you could eradicate one genre of music from history, which would it be?

Laura Ingalls: I think there good stuff everywhere, besides techno, I don’t understand techno. It’s always the same shit, boom boom boom, bim bim bim, yeah whatever man, pick up a real instrument like a guitar and make some real music. Fuck techno, it’s music for imbeciles.


Sub-Culture: And finally, Prince Philip and Kate Philip have just had a baby. Do you have any message for them?

Laura Ingalls: Fuck no, I don’t talk to royalty, that shit should banned.


Published May 24, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


As SVBKVLT is now online and picking up speed, we have put together a little compilation of choice cuts from our current releases as well as previews of forthcoming SVBKVLT material and some upfront tracks from some of our favorite local producers, including the first taste of Laura Ingalls’ killer cassette release, some fresh beats from Downstate and Hamacide, TzuSing’s first officially released track, a stunning preview of Bent Lynchpin’s (Caliph8’s band) forthcoming debut and SLV’v deadly VIP version of ‘Killers’, as well as a few other tracks featured on our first few cassette releases. The comp comes in the form of a digital download card, designed by Kim Laughton, and only 300 have been made, with around 150 already given out around Tokyo last weekend. We have put aside a bunch of these cards to give out to the first 100 people at this Saturday’s Sub-Culture / Stockholm Syndrome collab at Shelter with Jimmy Edgar. Get down early!


  1. Caliph8 – Mis-shapen Clouded Figure
  2. SLV – Killers VIP
  3. Hamacide – The Ghoul That Went West (demo)
  4. Downstate – Bodies
  5. Bent Lynchpin – Rude Mental
  6. TzuSing – Rabid4Love
  7. Red-I – Red Edit
  8. Laura Ingalls – 7 Oscillators Of Reason

Laura Ingalls VS MengQiMusic

Published April 24, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


Massive thanks to everyone who came out to the SVBKVLT Launch & Poster Exhibition last Sunday. It was a great day/night and very inspiring for us. We will be posting up pics and a bit of a review later in the week, but first off here is a deadly track produced by Laura Ingalls using solely a piece of equipment he purchased from MengQi at the event. For those who missed out, MengQi is a producer and mad scientist from Beijing and we brought him down to the SVBKVLT launch to showcase his creations and to give a short talk on sound synthesis. SVBKVLT will be collaborating more with MengQi in the near future so you will be hearing more about him very soon, but check out his site here

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