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Locked In – King Midas Sound DJ Set – This Saturday

Published March 15, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


For Sub-Culture’s 4th anniversary last December, we were very lucky to have Kode9 agree to play a special set of Burial’s music early in the evening, as well as his Kode9 set later in the night. For the Burial set, we opened The Shelter one hour early (at 9pm) and at 10pm we locked the doors of The Shelter, turned off the lights, turned off the mobile phone signal and from 10 – 11pm, those who were lucky enough to get in on time experienced a very special and intimate hour of music. The response to this was great, and we had around 150 people inside the club for the set, and around 50 people outside who had arrived too late and had to wait until 11pm for the doors to reopen (the reason for turning off the phone signal is we didn’t want ourselves or the other people inside the club to get bombarded by phone calls and texts asking to get them in).  It was a full hour of uninterrupted, beautifully dark music with everyone in attendance knowing what they we’re coming to experience.



We said we would only do this again when an opportunity came to do something equally special. Now that time has come. As you probably know, The Bug and Daddy Freddy are our guests for this month’s Sub-Culture. The Bug is one of the many pseudonyms of Kevin Martin, the multi talented frequency-fiend from the UK. As well as ‘The Bug’, Kevin’s other current project is King Midas Sound, a group consisting of Kiki Hitomi (Dokebi Q), poet Roger Robinson and himself. Signed to Kode 9’s Hyperdub, Ming Midas Sound released one of 2009’s best albums – ‘Waiting For You’, and their incredible 2011 remix project ‘Without You’, which included reworks by Flying Lotus, Mala, Kode9 and Kuedo to name but a few.  Much deeper than ‘The Bug’, beautifully heavy and hauntingly cerebral, the KMS sound has morphed and progressed over the last few years and is a serious force to be reckoned with.



So, this Saturday night, with Kevin already in town, we thought we would bring a little something extra to the table to make this, already immense event, just that bit more special. For the first time ever, Kevin will be playing a DJ set under the King Midas Sound banner.  It is something that he is very excited about as we were the first people to ever suggest this (they usually play live) and so he is planning to make this debut something to remember. Dark drones, warped pop, ambient sound scapes and more, this is an exclusive chance to hear where the King Midas Sound came from, and where its heading.



As with our last lock in, doors to The Shelter open at 9pm with a very special warm up act (to be announce soon), and at 10pm the doors will be locked and its lights out, with doors reopening at 11pm. During the set you are welcome to leave The Shelter, but re-admittance will not be allowed until 11pm. This is a very special set and will not be repeated in Shanghai again, do not miss!

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