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Oil Works in Shanghai

Published September 7, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


With so much going on these days in Shanghai its easy for, shall we say, the less hardened promoter to have their events lost in the hype of other events in the city and not get the recognition and coverage it deserves. Today and tonight see one of these events, the return of Fukouka’s Oil Works crew to Shanghai, celebrating their 10th anniversary.

Sub-Culture brought Oil Works over in June 2011 for the release of Hamacide’s ‘Might Little Machine’ remix album. This year the crew are celebrating 10 years in the game and so Toru from Boobies Tattoo Studio has brought them over for an exhibition at Kin starting this afternoon and a party at The Shelter this evening.

Yesterday we went over to Idle Beats new studio (which is great by the way) to check out the Popy Oil print they have produced for today’s exhibition. The print. entitled ‘Hello Yello’, comes in various colourways and styles, including hollographic paper and also some great versions on top of old Idle Beats test prints. There are some real beauties in their, all one offs, so id get down to Kin today as soon as possible if you want to grab the best versions. Here’s a few pics of how its looking.



Yesterday evening we also popped in to Kin to say hello to Popy and Zorzi from Oil Works crew and to have a quick preview of the exhibition. A lot of the pieces weren’t yet hung whilst we were there, but we did manage to see a few of the images and they are looking great. They have also brought a whole bunch of really nice Oil Works shirts, cds and vinyl, books and a weird mexican wrestling/gimp mask. Here’s a few pics of what we saw.



The Oil Works exhibition kicks off this afternoon at Kin (64 MaoMing/Yanan) and the big event is at The Shelter tonight (5 YongFu/FaHuaZhen) with Olive Oil (live), Zorzi, 44 (live) from Xiamen and Hamacide. Olive Oil’s live set was fantastic last time and we are very excited to see what he has in store for this 10 year anniversary bash, and we are also very interested in seeing, for the first time in Shangai, 44’s live performance. All of this will be joined by the great visual work of Popy Oil. SO, if you can pull yourself away from all the hype, come down to Shelter tonight and experience some serious quality live electronic music and visuals.

Sub-Culture Represents @ MESH

Published June 2, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


This weekend see’s the inaugural edition of MESH. MESH (Music Exchange Social Hub) is the brainchild of one of Shanghai’s top promoters and events organizers Jane Tan aka DJ Siesta. Using her experiences in the Asia music scene and taking influences from her time at Red Bull Music Academy, Siesta has put together one of the most exciting and forward thinking events Shanghai has seen for quite some time.  A 2 day/night affair (Saturday and Sunday), MESH brings together Shanghai’s most prominent promoters, producers, musicians, visual artists and DJs (well almost all, Mr Antidote is out of the country at the moment) and mixes them all together in a series of seminars, discussions, workshops and music events. Smartshanghai have done a great run down on the whole of the weekends events right here, so check it out and see what takes your fancy. I urge anyone who is interested in music, the local scene, events organizing and general cool shit to get yourself a weekend pass and get involved in what, hopefully, is the beginning of the next step in Shanghai/China’s fast growing music industry.


Sub-Culture are very happy to have been invited to join in on this weekends events, and so here’s a quick run down on where you will find us.



Uptown Records/Sub-Culture Records

As many of you know by now, Shanghai is on the verge of having its first proper record shop, Uptown Records. We’ve been posting a few teaser picks over the last few months and are happy to announce that the wait is nearly over. Sub-Culture will have its own section in the shop, selling everything from Roots and Dancehall to Dubstep, DnB and Electronics. As a little preview into what will be on sale at Uptown/Sub-Culture Records, Sacco and Drunk Monk will be taking a few boxes of black plastic gems down to Kin (65 Maoming Bei Lu, near YanAn Lu) for sale at both Saturday and Sunday’s events. Get in first and snap up some killer tunes before the shop opens later this month.


MESH Goodie Bag


Chat Sessions @ KIN – Sunday

Saturday and Sunday at Kin see a series of discussions and seminars on various aspects of China’s music industry. The Saturday is mainly based around Hip-Hop, record labels and visual arts (see here for more info), and the Sunday, where Sub-Culture get fully involved, concentrates on local music productions, events promotion and music creation.


The first discussion starts at 1:30pm and see’s Sub-Culture Drunk Monk join Jake Newby, Conrank and Sandra Chaikin in a demo listening session. Basically local producers/musicians/bands can submit their new tracks and we will listen to them and give our opinions and constructive criticism. The session lasts 1 hour and will be mainly in English.


The second discussion starts at 3:00pm and is dedicated to promoters and events organizers. Sub-Culture will join NeeBing, Mark Elliot from JZ Club, LeZi from ZLHF Records, Niki Li from STD and Fred Hu from Accupuncture in a 2 hour discussion on how we got into promotion, our theories and techniques to promote events and our future plans. The seminar will be mainly in Chinese but translators will be present to help out.


The third and final discussion, and the one we are most looking forward to, starts at 5:30pm and looks at the creative processes and techniques that local artists use to make their music. On the panel is Sub-Culture’s ChaCha as well as DJ Doggy, MIA, Acid Ponies, Han Han, Little Punk, MC Webber, MHP, SIG, Alec Haavik, Elvis T, LeZi, Sulumi and WuJi. As you can see, the line up is pretty huge, and so the session will be split into 3 1 hour sessions, the first hour set aside for electronic producers, the second for rock/jazz musicians and the final hour a free for all discussion. Again, the majority of this session will be conducted in Chinese with translators on hand.




MESH Block Party – Sunday night @ YongFu Lu

To celebrate what will hopefully be a fantastic weekend of events, MESH is taking over YongFu Lu for an after-party to end all after-parties on the Sunday night (Monday is a holiday so no excuses..). The Shelter, The Apartment and Shiva Lounge are all taking part, but you’ve probably already guessed which venue Sub-Culture will be joining in the festivities at.


Sub-Culture’s Drunk Monk will be manning the decks with ChaCha on vocal duties (and hopefully a few other special guests too) and joining a fantastic line up at The Shelter from right across the musical spectrum. HanHan from local band Duck Fight Goose and LeZi from Sonnet, a live set by Beijing 8Bit nutter Sulumi, a live set by PAUSE:MUSIC’s SIG, Fred Hu from Acupuncture Records, Beijing’s MC Webber and MESH master Siesta will all be in attendance and at the controls till early Monday morning.


So there we go, a packed weekend of events in Shanghai. Check here for how to buy tickets. See you this weekend!

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