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Published June 26, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

We’ve been pretty bad at blogging recently. No excuses really, just forgot/couldn’t be arsed for a while, but coming up soon and over the last few weeks there have been a bunch of great releases from some goods friends of Sub-Culture so we thought we’d get back at it and round up some of our favorites:


Neo Tokyo Bass – Level Music 3, 4 & 5

Neo Tokyo Bass are just about to drop the next 3 releases in their free Level Music series, this time from Endless, Kokoro and guest producer Keyed Up. Serious quality productions on all three ‘levels’ with that nice sparkling yet grimey sound NTB are quickly perfecting. You should all be keeping an eye on these guys, you’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon.


exquisite delegates

Photograph by Benoit Florencon

 Exquisite Delegates – Exquisite Delegates

Fresh Shanghai hiphop styles a long time in the making, Exquisite Delegates (Amine, Sunbiz and Dana) finally drop their self titled debut album. Tight production and flows, with a great collab with Sub-Culture’s own ChaCha! Looking forward to the live shows!

‘The Exquisite Delegates started with Amine from the Netherlands, and Sunbiz from Canada meeting in Shanghai working for the same music production house. Fellow delegate Dana Shellmire a.k.a. ‘Ocean Keep Waving’ from the US soon joined the duo as well. Finding out quickly they had a shared interest and passion for good music and a specific sound, the MC, vocalist and producer trio dove into the studio and thus the Exquisite Delegates were born.’



Red-I – Spiritual Roots

Coming out this Friday on the always impressive Dub Temple Records, Manila badman Red-I drops a beat tape made up entirely of Filipino samples. Red’s lab constantly churns out quality beats so we are very excited to hear this release. Check the track Sabi Nila below for a sample of what to expect



DJ Wash – Magnitude/World’s Demise

From Hong Kong via Dresden, Kongkrete Bass’ Wash rolls out two heavy weight cuts ‘Magnitude’ and ‘World’s Demise’ for the Section 8 label. Dark, rough and rolling, exactly what we’d expect from one of Hong Kong’s best producers!

DJ Wash Sub-Culture Mix!!

Published September 13, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


In preparation for this weekends welcome and much over-due return of DJ Wash, he’s put together this tasty little mix of what we should expect from his set. Its been a good while Wash hasn’t graced the turntables of The Shelter, and from what we hear it may be the last time for quite some time, so make sure you get down to The Shelter this Saturday and catch one of the best in Asia!





1. Wash – Magnitude (Dub)
2. Sub Zero – Murdersound
3. Dub Phizix – Break It
4. Mutated Forms – Duct Taped
5. Break – Something New
>>> Dillinja – Friday
6. Calibre – Hummer
7. Technicolour & Komatic – No Evil
8. Andy Skopes and Mr Joseph – Trash Talk
>>> Shimon & Andy C – Recharge
9. Wash – Division (Dub)
10. Commix – Double Double
11. BTK, Optiv – Backlash
12. Wayz, Sidius – RTS
13. Mutated Forms – Wastegash
14. Evol Intent – Cruise Control
15. Emalkay – The World feat Lena Cullen (Teebee Remix)
16. BTK, Optiv – Lurker
17. Paimon & Place 2B – Feretory

New Heavy HK T-Shirts!

Published September 9, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Without wanting to turn into a fashion blog, here is another dope new T for your collection. Heavy crew in Hong Kong have just released 2 new t-shirts in collaboration with the newly launched Basic Principles site. Both the ‘Chou’ (above) and ‘The Return Of Dj Fu’ shirts look pretty fresh, and both come with an exclusive Heavy mixtape! Grab one here – Limited edition, act fast!

Bass Around Asia

Published August 16, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Happy birthday Antidote & Magnetic Soul!!!!!!!


Thursday 18th August – Antidote

Line Up: B6, Ozone, MHP, Drunk Monk, Cavia, Sacco, Morgan


@ The Shelter, Shanghai


Saturday 20th August – DMC 2011 China Final After Party

Line Up: Kireek, DJ Uppercut, Sen, V-Nutz, HBD


@ The Shelter, Shanghai



Saturday 20th August – Magnetic Soul 6 Year Anniversary with Klute (live)

Line Up: Klute, Dropbear Attack, Saiyan, BloodDunza, Fat Demon, Teem, MC Wonder, VJ Ocular


@ Backstage, HongKong




Saturday 20th August – Healthy Macau 1st and Headz 3rd Anniversary with DJ FU

Line Up: DJ Fu, DJ Wash, Stef:funn, N1D, Sannja, Rolec, MC Rebearth


@The Venetian, Macau



Friday 19th August – B-Side Experiment feat. Caliph8 (live)

Line Up: Caliph8, Don P, Mulan, Red-I, Soulflower


@ B-Side, Manila



Saturday 20th August – Giant Swing – THE FLYER edition

Line Up: Dragon, mAsa niwayama, Hiroo


@ Glow, Bangkok

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