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This Saturday’s Line Up

Published October 12, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Ok, so there have been a whole load of additions and announcements about this Saturday, lets break it down right here. As always, Idle Beats will be down with the brand new screen-print of the poster above, designed by Dan Nguyen AKA Demon Slayer!


10.00pm – 11.00pm: AM444 – ‘Rooms’ listening session

Fresh from the King Otis Studio via the Faded Ghost Studio, AM444’s debut full length album is finally finished and we are honored to present this preview listening session for all those that cant wait until the release party on Friday 26th October. At  10pm we will be playing the album in full for the first time in public. Get down early and be the first to hear ‘Rooms’!!


11.00pm – 12.00am – TightFace


A last minute and very welcome addition to the line up, One Handed Music’s TightFace is in Shanghai and has offered to drop a set for us! His beats are seriously dope and we’re still getting over the fact that he’s coming to play for us. Also, he’s in town researching and digging music for his radio show back in the UK. Any beatmakers out there, get down for his set and bring him a CDR of your freshest creations, you may get some London air play!


12.00am – 01.00am – Downstate (live) 

Our favourite Shanghai live act, Downstate’s sets never fail to blow us away each and every time. Ahead of his performance at Sub-Culture Tokyo (yeah, that’s what we said) we couldn’t think of any better act to open up for our heavyweight headliner. We are not sure what Downstate will do with his live set, we never are, we don’t think he is either, but whatever he does we know it will be deadly. Check the little live jam he put online the other day..


01.00am – 02.30am – PINCH 

Little introduction needed here. This is the 3rd time Pinch has played at Sub-Culture, and if we bring someone over from the UK 3 times you know we have our reasons why. Pinch is a true don in the UK bass scene and never fails to bring an sheer avalanche of sounds and frequencies like no one else. If you caught him last time we know you will be here this time, and if this is your first time to see the Tectonic head honcho, your in for a real treat! Strictly dubplate and vinyl, the way it should be!


02.30 – 04.00 – Steven Lorenz with Esia, Arminda, Didje, ChaCha & Ubec

It’s pretty difficult to follow up the mighty Pinch, so we reckon the best way to do this is to fly over Sub-Culture MCs Esia and Arminda, reunite them with Didje and ChaCha, introduce them to Ubec, give them a bunch of microphones and throw them in the DJ booth with Steven Lorenz. Straight up rub-a-dubstep session!


04.00 – End – Drunk Monk

Getting drunk, making noise, embarrassing himself and sending DJs home on a stretcher since 1982. Will this boy ever grow up?


Published October 10, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

As promised, we can now announce something we’ve been excited about for a while! Sub-Culture/Uprooted MC’s Esia and Arminda are back in Shanghai town this weekend and will be performing alongside the rest of the crew this Saturday at Sub-Culture!

For those that don’t know, Esia and Arminda are long time Sub-Culture MC’s and have performed all over China and Asia with the crew, including the Uprooted 5 year anniversary tour with Clive Chin in 2010 (more on this next week). Just over a year ago the pair had to leave Shanghai pretty suddenly, and are now based in Busan, Korea. Drunk Monk and ChaCha went to visit them and perform together at Busan’s Soundwave Festival a couple of months back, but this is the first time the full Sub-Culture crew have been reunited for well over a year! Anyone who has seen them perform before will agree that these two are absolute fire on the mic, don’t miss there return to The Shelter this Saturday!!

Uprooted Sunshine hits Khazakhstan !

Published June 1, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Uprooted Sunshine are spreading their wings even further this month with a special show in Almaty, Khazakhstan!! On the 10th June, Didje, Esia and Arminda from Uprooted Sunshine will meet Jammin’ Bus Soundsystem and Hadn’t Tea (nice name) at Da Freak Club in Almaty for a big old reggae blaze down! If your in the area make sure you get yourself down there! Here’s a fun and slightly bizarre promo video!


Steven Lorenz and Esia meet Heatwolves – Tonight!!!

Published April 9, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Just a quick heads up for you all (especially as i forgot the bass around asia this week) that Sub-Culture Soldiers Steven Lorenz and Esia are joining Heatwolves at his monthly Love Bang party at Dada! I had the pleasure to play there last month and it was a lot of fun, I think I was spinning till like 5.30am! Anyway, if your in Shanghai get your weekly bass fix on 115 XingFu Lu tonight!

AM444 – ‘Shen Jing Mo Shao’ Video

Published March 30, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Fresh up on the tube, the first of 2 AM444 music videos from ‘Wonder’ album being released this Friday! The video is for the track ‘Shen Jing Mo Shao’ (or ‘Nerve Endings’ as it translates in English), a dreamy, dubbed out trip into the world of ChaCha and Jay.Soul! The video was shot in and around Shanghai, and was directed by Uprooted Sunshine’s Esia! Enjoy!


Edit: The video is now up on YouKu here!

Jahtari X Uprooted Sunshine – Level Up!

Published March 22, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Level Up! – Artwork by Kim Laughton


In January 2010, Uprooted Sunshine were honored to host Distrupt and Soom T from the Jahtari camp for our first Shanghai By Bus session of this decade! If you don’t know Jahtari by now, check out their site here and a little intro on what they are about here. The session was huge, with Distrupt’s heavy 8-bit riddims shaking down The Shelter and Soom’s unparalleled  flow riding the sounds like no other! Before their visit to Shanghai, Distrupt sent over a few riddims for ChaCha to record on, and the result of which came in the ‘Bass Shelter’ EP which was released at the session.We still have a handful of these hand stamped, hand numbered cds left, so if you would like to buy one email us at


Soom T – Shanghai, Jan 2010


During the session at The Shelter, The Uprooted MC’s (Didje, ChaCha, Esia and Arminda) stepped up to the mic and laid down some great verses on some tough Jahtari riddims, and it was immediately apparent that these tunes couldn’t just stay as late night freestyles so we had to lay them down in the studio. After a few months of rehearsals and studio sessions, the MC’s came up with 11 new Jahtari versions, each one a monster! If you caught Uprooted on their 5th Anniversary Tour of China with Clive Chin and Twice last year you will probably have heard some of these tracks already go off in the dance, some seriously heavy tunes! All the tracks were mastered by Kyle Ching.


Uprooted Sunshine 5th Anniversary Tour : Live @ YuGongYiShan, Beijing – Sept 2010 (Photo by CK)


Now the tracks are recorded, what to do with them? Uprooted’s king selector – Blaise Deville took the controls and has put together yet another killer Uprooted mixtape! Mixing together the Uprooted versions with some classic Jahtari goodness, a bunch of Shaw Brothers samples, a handful of drops and some slick cuts and mixes, we are proud and excited to bring you LEVEL UP! – A Jahtari X Uprooted mixtape!!


Blaise Deville –  Uprooted 5th Anniversary Tour – YangShuo 2010 (Photo by CK)


Level Up! is now up for download here (but be quick, limited to only 100 downloads) – and will be streaming on the Jahtari site very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for a very special release later in the year, and the long over-due return of Jahtari in Shanghai!!


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