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Sub-Culture Solo Projects

Published September 4, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


As some of your probably know, many of the members of Sub-Culture have their own various solo and collaboration projects going on. Here’s a quick run down on what they have been upto:


Steven Lorenz

As always, Stevens been working hard in the studio and his productions are getting tighter by the day. His latest output is a collaberation with Digital Monk (not related to Drunk Monk). Heavy, sparse dubstep styles, deadly stuff!



The ever-prolific Didje has been firing tunes out of his studio faster than we can listen. His latest output is this collaboration with Sheffield’s Dhalsim’s Reach, a jazzy ode to breaking genre classification entitled ‘Music Is Music’



Ubec has been locked in the studio working on his new mixtape ‘High Altitude’ which is due out soon. The latest addition to the mix is this fantasy hiphop jam with Didjelirium entitled ‘Fairy Tale’


George Wyndham

George and his band The Horde are finally getting their debut album together and it should be out by the end of the year. A blend of Folk, Bluegrass and Country with a twist, The Horde consist of  Tom Mangione (Guitar and vocals), Franco Rodriquez (Mandolin and vocals), Johnny Haru (Cajon) and George on Harmonica and vocals.  Beijing’s DaBaoGe have made this great little video featuring a couple of tracks from the album.



ChaCha has been locked tight in the studio finishing off AM444’s new album and also working on her new solo project Faded Ghost. New music is being held close to the chest right now, but keep an eye out in the near future for more news..

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