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SBKT001: SLV – Dagger / Dagger (Desto Remix)

Published October 7, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

SBKT001 A Side Artwork





As you may already know by now, SVBKVLT are releasing our first 10″ vinyl in a couple of weeks, and to say we are excited is an understatement! SLV’s ‘Dagger’ and the killer remix that Desto has done have been favorites at all our events in the last couple of months, and we are honored to be able to say that it has been getting DJ support from the likes of Kode9, Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi), Puzzle (Leisure System), On The Wire’s Steve Barker, Doshy, Desto and many more! We’ve had some really nice web support too, with XLR8R giving away SLV’s remix of Desto’s ‘Bonus Cave’ and Dummy Mag premiering ‘Dagger’ to the world last friday.

The vinyl will be released worldwide on October 21st, and will come as a limited edition 10″ vinyl (350 copies only, no repress) and digital, and we will have launch parties in Manila on Friday 18th October at the brand new spot ‘Black Market’ and at The Shelter in Shanghai on Saturday 19th October. There will be very limited quantities in Asia and so if you would like to reserve one please email, a proper preorder system will go up next week.

More news on the release coming very soon, but meanwhile check out the a-side above and, if your feeling it, please spread the word!


Desto X Kim Laughton Poster Print

Published October 13, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Fresh off the Idle Beats printing table, here are some pictures of the printing process for this month’s Sub-Culture poster designed by Kim Laughton. This is one of our favorite posters this year and has been getting a lot of interest from all over the place. As always, this poster is a very limited run and will be available to buy tomorrow night at The Shelter. Also, keep your eyes peeled for an online competition to win a copy!


Desto, Clouds & Jimi Tenor ft. ChaCha – Time Bird MV

Published August 4, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


We’re back!! After a great 3 week trip in the UK, is back online! We’ve got a whole ton of things to throw your way in the coming weeks, including a quick review of our trip round blighty and a killer mix from Deville, but first of lets knock one straight out the park with the new music video for the track “Time Bird” by Desto, Clouds and Jimi Tenor feat ChaCha coming out on Oneman’s 502 recordings very soon! Check here for a bit about the making of the track!

Desto, Jimi Tenor + Clouds feat ChaCha – Time Bird

Published February 22, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Hell Yes! Events Poster – May 27th 2010


During the World Expo last year in Shanghai, a lot of musicians, bands, artists and performers were brought over by various pavilions to show of the artistic talent of their country. A lot of these performances and events were very poorly promoted (we went to see Herbie Hancock in a 1/3 full venue), but the two countries which put the most effort in to really connecting with the Chinese audience and actually tried to contribute to the scene were Germany and Finland. The German pavilion did a lot of work directly with Chinese artists, having B6 curate a stage at the expo for a month, and also the Hip Hop Stuntzpunkt project (which i was involved in) working with Uprooted Sunshine and many other Chinese MCs, producers, break dancers and graf artists. The Finnish pavilion did something a little different, and one evening in May they took over the whole of XingFu Road (a small street with 3 respected alternative music venues) with a whole host of Finnish underground music, including Jimi Tenor, Desto, Clouds, Villa Nah, Jori Hulkkonen, Top Billin and Renaissance Man. It was a fantastic event, and seeing Jimi-Tenor perform at Logo was definately one of my musical highlights from 2010!

Sub-Culture present: Clouds and Desto – Poster designed by Gregor Koerting


Of course, once Sub-Culture found out about the Finn-fest, we definitely had to get involved and a few days after the XingFu Road event, Clouds and Desto joined Sub-Culture in what was one of our favourite events of last year. Clouds played a full live set with Tiiu on vocals, and then Desto and Dead-O got on the decks unleashing dub-plate after dub-plate of killer tunes! At the end of the night, Shanghai based Tibetan vocalist Lamu got on the mic with Dead-O and the two of them blew everyone away. The party ended back on XingFu Road, but this time in a park with carrier bags full of beer. Warning, if your going to party with Dead-O, get ready for a late one!

Clouds live at Sub-Culture – May 29th 2010


After we’d recovered from the event, the Finnish crew still had a few days left in Shanghai so we had the pleasure of hanging out with them and taking them around. Dead-O and Desto came to Udance studio with us to record a set for our radio show, we spent an afternoon with Jimi, Clouds and Desto at MoGanShan Road art district and last, but by no means least, we spent an evening in the studio with ChaCha, Desto, Jimi, Clouds and one half of Villa Nah!


ChaCha, Jimi Tenor and Clouds in the studio


The studio session was a lot of fun, with Desto laying down some drums, Jimi (who had brought some dope synths) laying down some keys and bass, Clouds layering in some of their trademark atmospheric weirdness and, of course, ChaCha blessing the mic with her sweet vocals. At the end of the session, Jimi, Desto and Clouds each took away everything that was recorded that day and returned to Finland to work on their own versions of the song and a couple of months later ‘Time Bird’ was born.


Jimi, Desto and Clouds in the studio


‘Time Bird’ comes in 3 versions, a Jimi Tenor version, a Clouds version and a Desto version. Each version is very different, but equally as solid as the others. They each use some of Desto’s killer drum patterns and synth work, Jimi’s bass and flute skills and Clouds atmospherics, and each version uses ChaCha’s vocals in full. The vocals, in Chinese of course, are about a ‘Time Bird’ flying away too fast and ChaCha begging it to slow down, the time slipping through our fingertips and our youth quickly disappearing into the past.


Desto and Clouds in the studio


Since returning to Finland, Desto and Jimi have kept in close contact and have been in the studio a lot together. The fruits of their labour are now quickly upon us, and their first 12″ on Oneman’s 502 Reconrds is about to be released, including the Desto version of ‘Time Bird’! The track can be heard at the end of my Kongkrete Bass Mix and also on the Red Bull Music Academy site. Big up to the whole of the Finnish crew, and also Oneman for getting this great tune out there to the masses!

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