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SVBKVLT Beat Tapes

Published March 7, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

The Anatomy Of A Cassette

Sub-Culture took a few months break at the start of the year to get a few things in order for 2013, the beginnings of which unfold tonight…

Along side the Sub-Culture / BTS Radio collaboration tonight at The Shelter, we are also releasing our first cassette – the SVBKVLT beat tape series. The platform aims to bring together and highlight some of the best beat producers from around asia, wether they be already known and active in the scene or hidden in their bedrooms, in an attempt to give these beat makers more exposure and also to help bring together the beat scene in the east.

SVBKVLT Beat Tapes

Although the cassette is an almost obsolete media format these days, there is still a small but strong scene around the world still releasing music on tape. Im not sure wether its purely nostalgia, but the warm hiss of a tape adds a little something to the sound of certain genres and gives it a more personal, physical feel. Also, when I buy music I like to hold something, to read the linear notes, to have something tangible rather than just a digital file which holds no real value. Although the main point is to listen to the music, i like to own it too.

Of course, not everyone has a cassette player these days, we know this, and so each SVBKVLT beat tape will also come with a digital download of the cassette in your choice of format (Flac, Wav, MP3, etc), and next month we will also be releasing a limited edition SVBKVLT tape player so you can experience the cassettes as they are supposed to sound. Also, those of you in Shanghai, Sacco down at Uptown Records (115 PingWu Lu) is opening up an analogue dungeon down in his vinyl pit and stocking boomboxes, walkmans, reel to reel players and other obsolete oddities.

Faded Ghost - Ghost Ark

The first cassette to be released is by Shanghai’s Faded Ghost (aka ChaCha). The Ghost Ark EP was released late last year, but the hazy drones and vocal loops sound so good on an analogue cassette that we had to re-release it in this format. It also comes with a bonus SLV remix of ‘I Remember’, download card, artwork by Nini Sum and packaged in a hand-numbered card box in an edition of only 40! Get down to The Shelter early tonight to grab a copy!

The second SVBKVLT tape will be from Manila’s Caliph8 and will be released on Saturday March 23rd at our first collaboration with Stockholm Syndrome featuring Demdike Stare’s Sean Canty and Caliph8 himself, and this will be followed by releases from Hong Kong’s FLoyd Cheung and Manila’s Red-I in April.

All current and upcoming cassettes will also be available online from next week, and if you would like to pre-order or are interested in releasing a cassette with us you can email us at

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