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This Saturday’s Line-Up

Published March 16, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

You know the drill. Sub-Culture this Saturday @ The Shelter. Doors open at 9pm. No admittance from 10pm – 11pm. Here is Saturday’s full line up:



9pm – 10pm: B6

As a special surprise to set the tone and quality for the evening, we are honored to have non other than Shanghai’s B6 join us for a special early evening semi-live ambient set before our lock down. B6 is one of China’s most celebrated electronic musicians, and this very rare appearance is the perfect way to open up a night of serious music.

***** Doors to The Shelter will be locked at 10pm. There will be no admittance from 10pm until 11pm. If you wish to leave The Shelter during this time you will not be allowed to re-enter until 11pm***


10pm – 11pm: King Midas Sound DJ Set

As you probably know, The Bug and Daddy Freddy are our guests for this month’s Sub-Culture. The Bug is one of the many pseudonyms of Kevin Martin, the multi talented frequency-fiend from the UK. As well as ‘The Bug’, Kevin’s other current project is King Midas Sound, a group consisting of Kiki Hitomi (Dokebi Q), poet Roger Robinson and himself. Signed to Kode 9’s Hyperdub, Ming Midas Sound released one of 2009’s best albums – ‘Waiting For You’, and their incredible 2011 remix project ‘Without You’, which included reworks by Flying Lotus, Mala, Kode9 and Kuedo to name but a few.  Much deeper than ‘The Bug’, beautifully heavy and hauntingly cerebral, the KMS sound has morphed and progressed over the last few years and is a serious force to be reckoned with. With Kevin already in town, we thought we would bring a little something extra to the table to make this, already immense event, just that bit more special. For the first time ever, Kevin will be playing a DJ set under the King Midas Sound banner.  It is something that he is very excited about as we were the first people to ever suggest this (they usually play live as a group) and so he is planning to make this debut something to remember. Dark drones, warped pop, ambient sound scapes and more, this is an exclusive chance to hear where the King Midas Sound came from, and where its heading.

***** Doors to The Shelter reopen at 11pm *****

11pm – 12pm: dji + George Wyndham + Nick Muzyczka

Quebec’s dji is one of the original members of Uprooted Sunshine/ Sub-Culture and has been djing in Shanghai for over 6 years. Known for his deep, sub heavy dub music, he always warms up the dance in the best way possible. Joining dji for this special anniversary set will be Uprooted’s newest member George Wyndham, on live harmonica, and Nick Muzyczka on Melodica. Dji and George stunned the crowd at Uprooted’s recent appearance in Manila, and with the addition of the very talented Nick on Melodica the trio have been killing it early hours at every Sub-Culture and Uprooted Sunshine night for the last few months. Get ready for some heavy dubbed out vibes.

 12pm – 1am: Steven Lorenz + ChaCha + Didje

Steven Lorenz is the newest addition to the Sub-Culture crew and over the last 2 years has honed his style and taste and has become an integral part of the Sub-Culture line up. Originally more into the straight up dance-floor style of Dubstep, recently he has got much deeper into the sound and his recent sets have been deep, dark and heavy, just how we like it! Think producers such as Pinch, Kryptic Minds, Vivek, Biome, etc and you get an idea of his sound. With his own productions with the Intransik Beats crew getting releases on multiple labels around the world, Steven’s sets always deliver.

Joining Steven will be the beautiful voice of ChaCha, and the many voices of Didje. ChaCha and Didje did an amazing set together with Steven a few months back and so we thought we would put the three of them together again for this special event. The perfect warm up for the audio assault coming up next…

1am – 2.30am: The Bug + Daddy Freddy

This is it. Brace yourselves for a true soundsystem experience like you’ve never seen (or felt) before. Ninja Tune recording artist THE BUG along side the legendary Jamaican MC DADDY FREDDY! Heavyweight riddims, booming bass, screeching sirens, gun shots and more, with a true lyrical mad man on the mic. This is a set you wont forget in a long, long time. No need for more explanation, BE THERE!!!

2.30am – late: Drunk Monk + Ubec + guests

Rounding off the night will be Sub-Culture warrior Drunk Monk alongside the mighty Ubec and a few other lyrical guests. If your system is able to continue after some serious Bug concussion, Drunk Monk will be dropping bombs in The Shelter till the early hours!

Win 1 of 3 sets of the PAUSE:MUSIC mixtape series!

Published March 28, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


This week see’s the first of two special release on PAUSE:MUSIC released in April, AM444’s debut release ‘Eye Wonder‘ and SIG’s debut album ‘Sad Mirror‘. These are the first proper releases on PAUSE:MUSIC, but as some of you may remember they put out a series of mixtapes in 2009 highlighting some of their favourite Shanghai based DJ’s. There were 6 cds in all, mixes by Ben Huang, Uprooted Sunshine, Alan Shanyinde with Dane and Xiao Feng, Yen, DJ Fortune and B6. With support from Shanghai Tattoo, City Weekend, Captains Bar and The Shelter, these releases were given away free at parties, as well as distributed round Shanghai’s coffee shops, bars, clothing stores and various other places, and they quickly disappeared!


We’ve managed to unearth 3 sets of all 6 cds which we are going to give away for free! All you need to do is shoot us an email to subcultureshanghai@gmail.com with ‘PAUSE Mixtapes’ in the title, and on thursday we will pick 3 names at random. The mixtapes will be available to pick up at the AM444 release party this Friday or alternatively we will cover the costs send it to any winner in China, but if you are outside of China will would ask you to pay the posatge. Good luck!



AM444 – Release Party Details!!

Published March 23, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Friday 1st April

PAUSE:MUSIC present: AM444 – Eye Wonder Release Party

Line Up: AM444 (live), B6, Alan Shanyinde, Cavia

Entrance: 50rmb (includes Eye Wonder CD)

PAUSE:MUSIC are very proud to present the debut release by AM444, aka Jay.Soul and ChaCha – Eye Wonder!

AM444 is the new project by local vocalist ChaCha (Sub-Culture, Uprooted Sunshine) and Dutch producer Jay.Soul aka The Groove Architect. After years of thoughts, discussions and drunken promises, the pair have finally been in the studio for the past few months and have come up with some of the freshest and most exciting music to come out of Shanghai for a while.

Their debut release, entitled Eye Wonder, is a jazzy, funked up, dubbed out sonic assault on all who dare to stand in its way. From the deep grooves of ‘Sheng Jing Mo Shao’ to the full on digital-bomb ‘Ni Wen Wo Ba’, Eye Wonder is a landmark release for Chinese underground music.

Everyone who attends the launch party will receive a copy of the 8 track cd, and we will also unveil the new AM444 music video produced by Fly Films!

Supporting a full live set from AM444, we have local techno hero B6, DMC Champ Cavia with a special Soul and Jazz set and the welcome return of one of Shelter’s favourite DJ’s, Alan Shanyinde.


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