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AM444 meet Matthieu Chedid

Published January 6, 2014 by subcultureshanghai

am444 - M

After months of keeping it under wraps, we are finally able to announce that AM444 (ChaCha & Jay.Soul) are working with French pop legend Matthieu Chedid aka -M-. Their first collar comes in the form of -M-‘s rework of AM444’s ‘ShenJingMoShao’. Give it a listen here, and read the official announcement below:

‘Following his first tour in China in 2010, French pop rock maverick Matthieu Chedid better known under his artist name –M- , was hungry for new sounds from the middle Kingdom. After listening to different Chinese artists Matthieu finally had a crush on AM444, the duet project of Shanghai based vocalist and MC, ChaCha, and Dutch producer Jay Soul. Matthieu said he got seduced and inspired at once by the voice and universe of ChaCha and the soul colors of Jay Soul. Even though they have never met, he felt he had something in common with ChaCha and spent weeks digging into all her past songs. –M- and ChaCha might not belong to the same world, -M- being often under the spotlights and ChaCha preferring the shadow of underground clubs and mostly working with dubstep and bass music artists.  However -M- decided to collaborate with her and Jay Soul and did  a remix version of “Shen Jing Mo Shao”, a tune from AM444’s first album “Eye Wonder”. Re-titled “Détache toi” in French (“Break away”), the tune perfectly blends ChaCha and Matthieu’s voices and adds the chemistry of elaborate guitar chords to Jay Soul’s dub-by tune.

Illustrator and animation artist Leilei was chosen to design the cover of Shenjing Moshao’s EP. He looked at many of –M- visual elements, loved his look and universe and came out with a beautiful and shimmering collage.’

AM444 – ‘Ge Zhong Ren’ & ‘Lies’

Published October 23, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

After a great (but shorter than expected) performance at the JZ festival last weekend, Jay and ChaCha are busy getting ready for the big show this Friday at Shelter. To give you a little preview of the album they have uploaded 2 new tracks to their soundcloud, Ge Zhong Ren and Lies, and are giving them away for free download until the album launch this friday. You may have heard Lies from their split 12″ with Tussle earlier in the year as well as their performances at JZ club and Shelter, but ‘Ge Zhong Ren’ is previously unreleased and was premiered at the JZ festival last weekend. Both tracks feature on the new album and will be performed in full this Friday at Shelter. Enjoy!!

* photograph by Benoit Florencon

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This Saturday’s Line Up

Published October 12, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Ok, so there have been a whole load of additions and announcements about this Saturday, lets break it down right here. As always, Idle Beats will be down with the brand new screen-print of the poster above, designed by Dan Nguyen AKA Demon Slayer!


10.00pm – 11.00pm: AM444 – ‘Rooms’ listening session

Fresh from the King Otis Studio via the Faded Ghost Studio, AM444’s debut full length album is finally finished and we are honored to present this preview listening session for all those that cant wait until the release party on Friday 26th October. At  10pm we will be playing the album in full for the first time in public. Get down early and be the first to hear ‘Rooms’!!


11.00pm – 12.00am – TightFace


A last minute and very welcome addition to the line up, One Handed Music’s TightFace is in Shanghai and has offered to drop a set for us! His beats are seriously dope and we’re still getting over the fact that he’s coming to play for us. Also, he’s in town researching and digging music for his radio show back in the UK. Any beatmakers out there, get down for his set and bring him a CDR of your freshest creations, you may get some London air play!


12.00am – 01.00am – Downstate (live) 

Our favourite Shanghai live act, Downstate’s sets never fail to blow us away each and every time. Ahead of his performance at Sub-Culture Tokyo (yeah, that’s what we said) we couldn’t think of any better act to open up for our heavyweight headliner. We are not sure what Downstate will do with his live set, we never are, we don’t think he is either, but whatever he does we know it will be deadly. Check the little live jam he put online the other day..


01.00am – 02.30am – PINCH 

Little introduction needed here. This is the 3rd time Pinch has played at Sub-Culture, and if we bring someone over from the UK 3 times you know we have our reasons why. Pinch is a true don in the UK bass scene and never fails to bring an sheer avalanche of sounds and frequencies like no one else. If you caught him last time we know you will be here this time, and if this is your first time to see the Tectonic head honcho, your in for a real treat! Strictly dubplate and vinyl, the way it should be!


02.30 – 04.00 – Steven Lorenz with Esia, Arminda, Didje, ChaCha & Ubec

It’s pretty difficult to follow up the mighty Pinch, so we reckon the best way to do this is to fly over Sub-Culture MCs Esia and Arminda, reunite them with Didje and ChaCha, introduce them to Ubec, give them a bunch of microphones and throw them in the DJ booth with Steven Lorenz. Straight up rub-a-dubstep session!


04.00 – End – Drunk Monk

Getting drunk, making noise, embarrassing himself and sending DJs home on a stretcher since 1982. Will this boy ever grow up?

AM444 – ‘Rooms’ Artwork by Nini Sum

Published October 11, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

Today we are very excited to unveil the beautiful new artwork for AM444’s upcoming album ‘Rooms’ by Nini Sum. Nini, who also designed AM444’s first release ‘Eye Wonder’, has spent the last month making something very special for this release, and we are stunned by the final results. The cover (above) is a large scale oil painting and will also be part of Nini’s first solo exhibition in HongKong at the Identity Art Gallery which opens on the 25th October.

This Saturday at the Sub-Culture event at The Shelter we will also have a special pre-listening session for ‘Rooms’. At 10pm we will be playing the whole album, in full, for the very first time. If you can’t wait to hear what Jay.Soul and ChaCha have been working so hard on these last 6 months, get down early to Shelter and be the first in town to hear it! More details on this coming very soon.


Published July 3, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

AM444 – Photo by Benoit Florencen

Ok, so it’s about time I get my arse into gear and start updating this blog with more than just event promo. Over the next few weeks we will be posting up a bunch of news and music and also recapping on what has been going on in the Sub-Culture world and beyond over the last few months. There is a lot to post up, but with their first 12” vinyl release at YuYinTang this weekend (more on that shortly) what better way to start than a brief review of what AM444 have been upto recently.

AM444 released their first mini-album ‘Eye Wonder’ back in April 2011. Shortly after Otis.Soul was born, Drunk Monk somehow managed to get a ring on Chacha’s finger, Jay went back to Holland for a while and Red Bull kidnapped ChaCha for a few weeks in Madrid until she escaped to Berlin. Because of all this, after their first live performance at The Shelter, AM444 disappeared for a short time.


AM444 live @ JZ club with Li XiaoQuan and Willow

Earlier this year, personal lives started to settle down a little and Jay and ChaCha got back into the studio to start work on their new album (due this October!), and they also got back on the road. After playing shows in ChengDu, ChongQing and Beijing, they finally played their first Shanghai show in exactly one year, but this time, instead of the murky depths of The Shelter, their return show was at Shanghai’s premier Jazz venue, JZ Club. We’d been chatting with Mark Elliot from JZ about AM444 performing there for and finally we set a date for Sunday 1st April. As a nice little bonus, a few weeks after we set the date we also realized that the following day was a holiday, and, as with every Sunday at JZ, it was a free event. They packed out JZ club and gave a killer performance alongside Li XiaoQuan on Trumpet and Willow on Sax. AM444 was back!


Reunion Island

Their next performance took them somewhere quite different. In early 2012 our friends at 86/33Link in Beijing contacted us and proposed AM444 to perform at the Iomma Conference and Sakifo Festival on Reunion Island. It was kind of a surreal offer, we had never imagined of travelling there, to perform or otherwise, and up until the day that ChaCha had her visa and we had flight tickets in hand it was hard to believe it was real. But…it was definitely real.

Reunion Island, a French owned island around 200km from Mauritius to the East of Madagascar, seems to be pretty unknown unless you live in the surrounding area or you’re from France. It was probably one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been. Perfect weather, black volcanic sand, crystal clear ocean, incredibly hospitable people, an amazing mix of cultures and religions, it was pretty special. AM444 performed twice on the island, once on a public stage in the centre of St Pierre, and once at the Sakifo Festival. Both performances could have been better attended (competing with Jeff Lang and Patrice didn’t help) but the people that did attend gave off some great energy and AM444 made a lot of new fans. They also got a great write up in the local news paper following their first performance, with the writer saying that they played far too early in the day and deserved a much bigger crowd!


AM444 live @ Reunion Island

The rest of the line up at the Sakifo Festival was pretty impressive, with acts such as Earth, Wind and Fire, Sharon Jones and The Dapkings, Saul Williams (who we met and was a thoroughly nice guy), Chinese Man and Calypso Rose, as well as some great local bands. Saying this though, we hardly saw any of this (apart from Sharon Jones who was amazing, and Ayo who was not so amazing) as we discovered something whilst on Reunion – Maloya!

Maloya, regarded as the African Blues music, originates from Reunion and has strong ties to the islands history of slavery. Often political, Maloya is usually sung in a minor key in Reunion Creole, uses mainly percussion instruments (many indigenous to Reunion) and incorporates a lot of call and response chanting. We had never heard anything like it and were instantly blown away. At the festival there was a fairly large hut made from leaves and dedicated to local musicians and Maloya music (as well as serving the best creole food at the festival) and that was where we spent pretty much most of our time. The energy in the tent at night was incredible, with people entering an almost trance like state and a whole host of local musicians jamming together creating some unreal rhythms. Combine that with several flavours of Charette, Reunion’s best (and only?) rum, as well as some local ‘produce’ and once you enter the hut you pretty much don’t leave all night.


Maloya Power! Photo by Patrick Loupy

There were many other great experiences on the island, eating at the family home of one of the local musicians, making a lot of great friends, swimming in an ocean where the sea bed is made of solid, volcanic rock which has been eroded into smooth ‘steps’ by the waves, seeing some of the most amazing sun sets and cloud formations. It was quite a trip, and one that we will hopefully be repeating very soon. Pierre and Leo at 8633Link, we cant thank you enough!

After returning from Reunion it took a while to come back down to reality, but soon after AM444 were set to play at this years Fete De La Musique Festival and also as part of a live showcase at the last Sub-Culture event, both on the same day. We were slightly worried about the Fete gig as we saw very little promotion for the event and also their time slot was early on in the afternoon and so we weren’t expecting much of a crowd, but to our surprise the venue was pretty much rammed from as soon as the doors opened and the response to the show was great. The crowd was probably 95% local, a lot of whom probably hadn’t heard AM444 before, and, apart from the unintentionally extended experimental intro, the show went really smooth and the crowd responded really well to it.


Sub-Culture Live poster – Designed by Kim Laughton

Later that evening AM444 played their first show in The Shelter for over 1 year, along side live acts Downstate, ROM and Lon, as part of the Sub-Culture live event. Although there were a few issues with the sound, the crowd was fantastic and AM444 played possibly their best live show yet! A full set of photos and review of Sub-Culture live will be posted up soon.

And so that brings us pretty much up to date with AM444. This weekend AM444 will be releasing 2 brand new tracks on their first 12” vinyl release along side 2 tracks from SF indie band Tussle courtesy of Uptown Records, Smalltown Supersound, Genjing Records and PAUSE:MUSIC. Also playing at YuYinTang that night will be Duck Fight Goose, Next Years Love and Wander Lust! This will be AM444’s last show until the Autumn, don’t miss!!

Sub-Culture Live – This Saturday

Published June 19, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Saturday 23rd June – Sub-Culture Live

Line Up: LON (live), AM444 (live), ROM (live), Downstate (live), Olivepixel (live visuals), Drunk Monk, dji, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Didje, Ubec + guests

Entrance: 40rmb


After a string of international guests in 2012, Sub-Culture are bringing it back home with a showcase of some of Shanghai’s best live electronic acts!



Finally returning from Vietnam, we are very pleased to welcome back one of the best electronic producers to have lived in Shanghai – LON. Armed with a full arsenal of new equipment, this is LON’s first live set since his return and we are very excited to see where his sound has gone.




After packing out JZ club last April, and recently returning from the Sakifo festival on Reunion Island, we finally present the long overdue return to The Shelter for ChaCha and Jay.Soul!




Post-apocalyptic head-fuck hip-hop. Rom is the future



Tom Oliver is one of Shanghai’s most prolific producers. We aren’t sure what he is going to do this night, but we are sure it will leave you feeling pleasantly nauseous.



Olivepixel spends most of his life on taobao buying strange analogue equipment to produce visuals to make you feel like you have taken hallucinogens, and then takes hallucinogens and makes visuals to try and make himself feel normal again.


Support from Drunk Monk, dji, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Ubec and Didje.

AM444 + Drunk Monk at Sakifo 2012 – Reunion Island!

Published May 29, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


We’ve been pretty bad at keeping the blog updated so this probably isn’t going to make a huge difference, but we will be away for a while as ChaCha, Jay.Soul and Drunk Monk are going to play at the Sakifo Festival on Reunion Island! We’ve known about this for a while but it hasnt actually felt real until a few days ago when we finally got visas! AM444 will be performing twice on the island, once at the Iomma festival and once at Sakifo (along side Sharon Jones and The DapKinggs, Earth Wind and Fire, Saul Williams, Chinese Man, Patrice, and w hole bunch more!), and Drunk Monk will be djing at an afterparty or two. Full report when we get back!!

AM444 live @ JZ Club – This Sunday!!

Published March 28, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Sunday 1st April – Sub-Culture presents: AM444 with Li XiaoChuan & Friends (live)

@ JZ club, 49 FuXing Lu, near YongFu Lu

Line Up: AM444 (live), Li XiaoChuan (trumpet) + guest musicians. Support DJ: Drunk Monk

Entrance: FREE

Starts at 9pm

It’s hard to believe its been a whole year since AM444’s ‘Eye Wonder’ release party. Weddings, babies and Red Bull Music Academies all arrived pretty soon after their debut performance, which blew minds at The Shelter exactly 1 year to the day, and so we’ve been waiting to find the best opportunity for their 2nd full live show in Shanghai. We didn’t want to delve into the darkness of The Shelter for their second show, we thought it deserved something a little more special than that, so finally we are excited to present AM444’s new live show on stage at Shanghai premier Jazz venue, JZ CLUB, for an intimate evening alongside the serious horn skills of Li XiaoChuan, as well as a few other surprise guest musicians!!



AM444 is the Shanghai based project of singer ChaCha and producer Jay.Soul. Their debut album ‘Eye Wonder’ was the first release on Shanghai’s PAUSE:MUSIC and made a huge impact on local and international scene, selling out almost instantly and leaving fans pining for more.

ChaCha (Guizhou, China) is one of China’s brightest underground stars. Besides being part of reggae crew Uprooted Sunshine she also records with the likes of Kode9, Clive Chin, Jahtari, Desto, Jimi Tenor, Sickstar & Sunbiz and was part of  RBMA 2012. ChaCha effortlessly switches up styles to fit the electronic, trip-hop, dub and leftfield grooves she sings her sharp self-penned lyrics over.

Jay.Soul is a versatile music producer and DJ from Amsterdam. He has made a wide range of tracks, both solo and for others, incl: Mr Windmill, Cecilia Stalin Sole Profit, Corey, Ninefifty. He’s remixed Giovanca, Nas, Michael Franti & Spearhead, O.Boogie, The Proov, Roots Manuva and also composes music for commercials, film, websites, theatre and your momma!



Their new live performance takes their music to a whole other level, with ChaCha on vocals, effects and keys, and Jay on Decks, Bass, Guitar and Synth. Seen as they have been welcomed to play at the legendary JZ Club, we couldn’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to play with some of Shanghai’s most talented musicians, and so joining AM444 on stage will be Li XiaoChuan on Trumpet as well as a few surprise guests! A lot of people have been waiting for this night, and we assure you you won’t be disappointed.

To warm up the evening, Drunk Monk will be dusting off some vinyl treats especially for JZ Club. No booming bass or grimey UK sounds this time, straight up rare grooves, jazz classics and soul dipped goodness!


AM444 (live) in ChongQing and ChengDu – This Weekend!

Published February 27, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Marriages, babys and Red Bull are just a few of the reasons why things have been a little quiet on the AM444 front the last few months, but finally things are back on track and their 2012 tour kicks off this weekend in Sichuan! AM444 will be previewing their new live show, including some brand new, unheard material, at ChongQing’s ‘Nuts’ live house on Friday 2nd March and ChengDu’s ‘XiongMao’ club on Saturday 3rd March. Following this, they will be performing live with ROM on Friday 23rd March at ‘2 Kolegas’ in Beijing, and will then have a very special show at JZ Club on Sunday 1st April! More info on these shows coming soon..

AM444 – Eye Wonder featured in The Guardian

Published June 20, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

UK newspaper The Guardian have a monthly article online hi-lighting exciting music from all over the world. This month they have chosen AM444’s – Eye Wonder track as China’s most promising music act. You can read the article and also download all of the featured tracks here . Big up to!

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