Past Events

Past Sub-Culture events – The Shelter, Shanghai

Saturday 30th November – Sub-Culture 6 Years feat. Demon Slayer & Acid Pony Club

Friday 21st November – Sub-Culture Tokyo

Friday 15th November – Crucial! feat Cojie (Mighty Crown)

Saturday 9th November – KVLT02 with DJ Dragon, Jase, Red-I & Soul Flower

Friday 19th October – SBKT001 launch with SLV (live)

Friday 20th September – Crucial! feat Naoki Ienaga

Saturday 27th July – KVLT01: SVBKVLT meets Darker Than Wax

Friday 28th June – Sub-Culture presents: Visionist & Puzzle

Saturday 25th May – Sub-Culture / Stockholm Syndrome present: Jimmy Edgar

Saturday 4th May – Sub-Culture present: Shackleton

Sunday 21st April – SVBKVLT Launch

Friday 12th April 2013 – Sub-Culture present Outlook Festival 2013 Launch with PART2STYLE

Friday 5th April 2013 – Sub-Culture present: 2562 / A Made Up Sound

Saturday 23rd March 2013 – Sub-Culture/Stockholm Syndrome present: Sean Canty (Demdike Stare)

Thursday 7th March 2013 – Sub-Culture X BTS Radio feat. Andrew Meza

Saturday 2nd March 2013 – Sub-Culture present: Neo Tokyo Bass

Saturday 15th December 2012 – Sub-Culture present: Objekt & Puzzle

Sunday 25th November 2012 – Sub-Culture Tokyo

Saturday 17th November 2012 – Sub-Culture present: Kode9

Saturday 13th October 2012 – Sub-Culture present: Pinch

Friday 5th October 2012 – Sub-Culture present: P.O.L. Style & Nargiz

Wednesday 3rd October 2012 – Sub-Culture and Split Works present: Terror Danjah

Saturday 11th September 2012 – Sub-Culture present: Scratcha DVA

Friday 17th August 2012 – Sub-Culture with TzuSing

Saturday 21st July 2012 – Sub-Culture present: Rumi & Skyfish

Saturday 23rd June 2012 – Sub-Culture Live with AM444, ROM, Downstate & LON

Saturday 26th May 2012 – Sub-Culture present Outlook Festival Launch Party with Claude Speeed

Thursday 10th May 2012 – Sub-Culture present: 2562

Saturday 14th April 2012 – Sub-Culture present: Tes La Rok

Saturday 17th March 2012 – Sub-Culture present: The Bug & Daddy Freddy

Saturday 18th February 2012 – Sub-Culture present: Doc Daneeka

Saturday 14th January 2012 – Sub-Culture: Immersiv

Saturday 10th December 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Kode9

Friday 25th November 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Shackleton

Friday 14th October 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Desto (live)

Saturday 17th September 2011 – Sub-Culture present: DJ Wash

Saturday 27th August 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Achun

Saturday 9th July 2011 – Sub-Culture VS ROM

Friday 24th June 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Hamacide release party with Oil Works

Saturday 11th June 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Addison Groove

Saturday 21st May 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Jase & VJ Pucci

Saturday 16th April 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Pinch

Saturday 5th March 2011 – Sub-Culture present: Red-I, Soul Flower and RSD

Saturday 12th February 2011 – Sub-Culture present: N1D and Achun

Saturday 8th January 2011 – Sub-Culture with Hamacide and LON

Saturday 3rd December 2010 – Sub-Culture present: Jack Sparrow

Saturday 6th November 2010 – Sub-Culture present: Dubway VS Sub-Culture

Saturday 23rd October 2010 – Sub-Culture present: RSD

Tuesday 21st September 2010 – Sub-Culture present: Kode9

Saturday 7th August 2010 – Sub-Culture presents: Conrank – State Of Play EP release

Saturday 24th July 2010 – Sub-Culture presents: DJ Orawan and DJ Seed

Saturday 19th June 2010 – Sub-Culture presents: Arabyrd and Cee

Saturday 29th May 2010 – Sub-Culture presents: Clouds and Desto

Saturday 3rd April 2010 – Sub-Culture presents: Shackleton

Saturday 6th March 2010 – Sub-Culture present: Mark Ernestus and Tikiman

Saturday 6th February 2010 – Sub-Culture present: Steven Lorenz and JJDJ

Saturday 5th December 2009 – Sub-Culture present: Distance

Saturday 21st November 2009 – Sub-Culture and Free The Wax present: The Gaslamp Killer

Thursday 19th November 2009 – Sub-Culture and Antidote present: Doshy

Saturday 24th October 2009 – Sub-Culture present: DJ Dragon

Saturday 26th September 2009 – Sub-Culture present: Dam Funk

Saturday 6th June 2009 – Sub-Culture present: Kode9

Saturday 30th May 2009 – Sub-Culture and The Off-Beat Showcase present: Floating Points and Alexander Nut

Saturday 11th April 2009 – Sub-Culture present: MC Rumi and Skyfish

Saturday 27th March 2009 – Sub-Culture present: Pinch

Saturday 24th January 2009 – Sub-Culture Soundclash with DJ Wash, Blooddunza, Siesta and Viceroy

Saturday 13th December 2008 – Sub-Culture and Free The Wax present: Harmonic 313

Saturday 29th November 2008 – Sub-Culture present: N1D

Saturday 27th September 2008 – Sub-Culture present: DJ Wash

Saturday 2nd August 2008: Sub-Culture

Saturday 5th July 2008: Sub-Culture present: The Bug

Saturday 3rd May 2008 – Sub-Culture present: DJ Blackie

Saturday 12th April 2008 – Sub-Culture present: Goth-Trad

Saturday 26th January 2008 – Sub-Culture present: Mael

Saturday 22nd December 2007 – Sub-Culture presents: DJ Pitchin

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