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KVLT02 – This Saturday

Published November 4, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

kvlt shanghai

Saturday 9th November

Sub-Culture present: KVLT 02

Line Up: DJ Dragon (Bangkok), Red-I (Manila), Soul Flower (Manila), Jase (Saigon), ChaCha (Shanghai), Drunk Monk (Shanghai)

Entrance: 50rmb

@ The Shelter, 5 YongFu Lu

Sub-Culture are excited to bring the cream of Asia’s bass music promoters and DJs all together for the 2nd installment of KVLT, a series of events bringing together the various crews, producers and djs from around Asia. We have all known and worked with each other for many years, but this is the first time we have all met together and played at the same party, so you know we are all going to be bringing our A-game!


DJ Dragon (Home Bass Communications, Dubway – Bangkok, Thailand)

Born in Bangkok Thailand in 1976 Dragon was raised in a family of artists and musicians. As a child he had a passion for playing drums and percussion but it wasn’t until he moved to live in Canada that he fell in love DJing and drum n bass music. After his completing his “education” Dragon moved back to Bangkok. It was here that Dragon realized that his ultimate goal in life was to spread Drum n Bass to the Thai audience. In 1997 he formed the Homebass Communications Crew with Mc Abu and DJ Wen. To date the crew have organized some of the best DnB events in the Kingdom having had guests such as l Double, Jon B, DJ SS, Aphrodite, Mickey Finn, Dread Bass, Ez Rollers and Ray Keith. The crew also hosted the Kingdoms longest running electronic music show called the Homebass Show on 104.5 fat radio. Fast forward to present day and Dragon is still spreading the vibes only this time with a record label and also Dubway Sessions the biggest Dubstep event in Thailand.


Red-I & Soul Flower (B-Side, Dubplate, Irie Sunday – Manila, Philippines)

Founding member of B-Side and Dubplate Manila, Red-I is one of the corner stones of the Manila beat scene. Heavily influenced by reggae, dub, hiphop and bass-weight, after releasing numerous beat tapes over the last few years he finally released his debut LP earlier in 2012 – Jahdgement Day, a heavy-hitting 15 track behemoth of electronica, dub, bass and experimental sounds. Although his previous works are sample based dusty grooves, this album focuses more on space analog synth work and drum programs.

Partner in crime, Soul Flower, is one of Manila’s best kept secrets. One of the finest Djs in Asia, Soul Flower brings serious heavyweight sounds to the table. The pair have played with Sub-Culture in Tokyo as well as Shanghai and never fail to mash up the dance!


Jase (The Beats – Saigon, Vietnam)

Jase is Vietnam’s original bass DJ. After buying his first pair of 1200’s whilst living in Australia in 2001, Jase moved back to Vietnam in 2007 and started ‘The Beats’, the now legendary bass movement in his native land, focusing on promoting beat based music and bringing international DJs to town such as Daedelus, DJ Premier, TokiMonsta, Doshy, Samiyam, Jamie Vex’d and many more. He also co-founded Saigon Rockers to push the Dub Reggae scene in Saigon. Its been a good few years since Jase last played with Sub-Culture, and we are very excited to see what sounds he brings with him!


ChaCha (Sub-Culture, Chee Productions, AM444 – Shanghai, China)

ChaCha, from Guizhou, China, has been singing for over 10 years. Never scared to try new styles, ChaCha rhymes and sings on everything from trip hop and reggae to dubstep and drum and bass. Although she loves to perform with all these styles of music, her main passion is for trip hop and downbeat. A self-taught producer, her own productions are dark and moody, with influences from the likes of classic trip hop such as Dj Shadow, DJ Krush and Portishead to the more abstract, idm sounds of Boards of Canada and Tujiko Noriko. As well as member of Shanghai’s Uprooted Sunshine Soundsytem and Sub-Culture crew, ChaCha has recorded with the likes of Kode9, Clive Chin, Jahtari, Desto, Jimi Tenor, Adrian Sherwood, Hamacide, Rumi and Sickstar, as well as her AM444 project along side Jay.Soul. One of China’s brightest underground stars, ChaCha effortlessly switches up styles to fit the reggae, electronic, hip-hop and leftfield grooves she sings her sharp self-penned lyrics over. ChaCha was also the first ever mainland Chinese participant at Red Bull Music Academy last year in Madrid, and since then has started a new solo project under the moniker Faded Ghost, a dark, ethereal sound using vocal effects, loops, field recordings and synth work.


Drunk Monk (Sub-Culture, SVBKVLT, The Shelter – Shanghai, China)

Drunk Monk is the founder of Shanghai’s The Shelter, Sub-Culture and the SVBKVLT label. A record collector from an early age due to his father obsession with vinyl, Drunk Monk has been pushing the music he loves for over 15 years. Responsible for bringing some of the most forward thinking electronic artists to China, as well as promoting local sounds and art through the now-closed PAUSE:MUSIC and his newly inaugurated SVBKVLT imprint. Depending on his alcohol intake on the night, Drunk Monk’s dj sets range from a heavy sonic assault to aural bliss, but are always packed full or rarities, exclusives and upfront sounds.


Published October 30, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


This Saturday, Sub-Culture are collaborating with Split Works and presenting the after hours party at the Guiness Wood & Wires Festival. We are really excited about the line up we have put together and every day this week we will give a short intro to an artist who will play on the night. Today – Kingdom!

Los Angeles-based DJ / producer Kingdom rose to public acclaim with his debut single “Mind Reader” (released on Fool’s Gold in early 2010), a collaboration with big-voiced NYC diva Shyvonne. But even before “Mind Reader,” Kingdom had been deeply involved in Bok Bok & Lvis-1990′s London-based Night Slugs collective, having had his European debut at their second-ever club night. It was his mixtapes that first alerted Night Slugs’ attention. His debut 2006 mixtape fused grime, crunk, US club, and house with his unique adaptations of R&B vocals. On his debut Night Slugs EP That Mystic, Kingdom delivered five tracks that reference many of the aforementioned genres, but also possess a completely individual, otherworldly gleam.

Recently Kingdom has built considerable influence with both his own discography and output from his groundbreaking label *Fade to Mind*. His first Fade to Mind EP: “Vertical XL”, has been praised as one of the most significant releases of the year, receiving glowing reviews by Pitchfork and Resident Advisor. The EP also features artwork from Shanghai’s Kim Laughton, who will be providing visuals at the afterhours session!


Saturday 2nd November

Guiness Wood & Wires Festival Afterhours – presented by Sub-Culture & Split Works

10.30pm till late – tickets 80rmb on the door

@ QSW Culture Center No. 179 Yichang Road near Jiangning Road

SBKT001: SLV – Dagger / Dagger (Desto Remix)

Published October 7, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

SBKT001 A Side Artwork





As you may already know by now, SVBKVLT are releasing our first 10″ vinyl in a couple of weeks, and to say we are excited is an understatement! SLV’s ‘Dagger’ and the killer remix that Desto has done have been favorites at all our events in the last couple of months, and we are honored to be able to say that it has been getting DJ support from the likes of Kode9, Sasha Perera (Jahcoozi), Puzzle (Leisure System), On The Wire’s Steve Barker, Doshy, Desto and many more! We’ve had some really nice web support too, with XLR8R giving away SLV’s remix of Desto’s ‘Bonus Cave’ and Dummy Mag premiering ‘Dagger’ to the world last friday.

The vinyl will be released worldwide on October 21st, and will come as a limited edition 10″ vinyl (350 copies only, no repress) and digital, and we will have launch parties in Manila on Friday 18th October at the brand new spot ‘Black Market’ and at The Shelter in Shanghai on Saturday 19th October. There will be very limited quantities in Asia and so if you would like to reserve one please email, a proper preorder system will go up next week.

More news on the release coming very soon, but meanwhile check out the a-side above and, if your feeling it, please spread the word!


Interview: Laura Ingalls

Published July 24, 2013 by subcultureshanghai
Photo by Benoit Florencon

Photo by Benoit Florencon

Ahead of releasing his SVBKVLT beat tape this Saturday, we sit down with Laura Ingalls (well, we chat with him over facebook) about his release, Acid Pony Club and other bits and pieces..


Sub-Culture: So, what have you been doing today?

Laura Ingalls: I was mixing an album by a 2 piece band called “Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes”, which is actually a side project by Rhys from Pairs and Cee Q from Marquee VII, it’s weird pop i guess, we added a bunch of drones to the recordings, but we didn’t get naked.

Sub-Culture: That’s a relief. So this Saturday we’re releasing your cassette. Can you tell me a bit about how it was made why it was made, etc

Laura Ingalls: It’s some tracks that I did in my living room with a bunch of random equipment that we don’t use in the studio anymore cause they’re a bit obsolete. I sampled some random soul records and then bought some synths from Mengqi which completely changed the sound of the whole thing. It all went completely experimental and fairly noisey, so what was supposed to be a classic hiphop beat tape became more of an album full of weird sounds.

 Why it was made? Well mostly cause i was waiting for a new season of “The West Wing” to download so i had some time on my hand

acid pony

Sub-Culture: Ok, so Acid Pony Club are mainly known for boring house music, but recently you have started a drone night at Shelter, your live sets have got a lot more experimental and this tape is a long way from what people may be used to hearing from you. Why this change? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do? Are you bored of boring house?

Laura Ingalls: Well both me and Clem (other half of Acid Pony Club) started to listen to electronic music with pretty extreme stuff, hardcore, breakcore and whatnot. When we first met we were trading Venetian Snares and Aphex twin albums. House came later, we got older, fatter, it became harder to dance to fast beats. Now we’re even older and we can’t really dance altogether so drones are the way to go, no beat, just vaguely ondulated your body to show that, you know, get it. We’re not bored of house, it’s just that we are physically decaying. But yeah, besides that I don’t listen to that much house music at home so I guess it’s only logical that at some point other influences will transpose in my music, the idea of the tape was also to showcase another side of what I do and like, music that doesn’t necessarily belong in a club


Sub-Culture: Good answer

. So what are your thoughts about Shanghai these days? The scene, the parties, the producers

, etc

Laura Ingalls: Oh man, please, not that question, please, don’t make me rant, please, spare these guys another pointless pony rant. seriously.


Sub-Culture: Fair enough, 


So what else are you working on these days?

Laura Ingalls: We’re working a new volume of disco edits which should be out soon, with some proper cheesy stuff in there, namely an edit of the cure, you will love it! Other than that we’ve just finished mixing the Girls Like Mystery album which i’m pretty proud of, other than that it’s summer, everybody’s gone and since I’m not going on holiday this year I am planning to record the darkest shit ever made, because I hate you all, and no, I don’t wanna see your beach pictures on facebook.

 Oh and the Death To Ponies album is mixed, done, mastered and that  is THE exciting news for the next year!

Sub-Culture: Is Girls Like Mystery the worst band name in Shanghai?

Laura Ingalls: No they’re not, according to their guitar player, Pink Berries is the worst band in Shanghai

Sub-Culture: No no, not worst band, i mean worst band NAME

Laura Ingalls: Haha, no the worst band name in Shanghai is Rainbow Danger Club. Anyone who uses “club” in their name sucks.

death ponies

Sub-Culture: Ok, so whats been your favorite and least favorite gig this year?

Laura Ingalls: My favorite gig was pretty much any gig with Death To Ponies, I’m just happy when I’m on stage with these guys, torturing my Korg and screaming my guts out, it just feels good. We had a particularly great show last time we played at Yuyintang and it’s now time to take this one the road in China, super fucking excited!

My least favorite gig is playing anywhere were people request commercial music. As soon as some drunken male or female douche walks up and start to be adamant about wanting to hear rihanna or some other top 40 shit, that’s it, my night is ruined, it’s the worst gig ever, until the next one…

Sub-Culture: What is the last record that you bought?

 and what is the last record that you stole?

Laura Ingalls: The last record I bought is an album by Jose Feliciano, found it in a pile of dusty records at the electronic market. It’s fiiled with cheesy acoustic guitar covers of 60’s and 70’s classics, half of which are in spanish. It’s absolutely terrible music, but I don’t regret it one minute, everybody needs to have a good spanich cover of the doors at hand, cures the summer blues. I just stole a record, on soulseek…some obscure black metal band that has a name taken from some northern mythology or whatever, I can’t wait to play it at home, it’ll make my neighbors very happy.

dr dre

Sub-Culture: Dr Dre and Kendrick Lamar are in Shanghai this week. It’s also very hot weather. If Dr Dre asked you to go to the shop to get him something refreshing to cool him down, but he didnt specify what as he hasnt been into a shop in China so doesnt know what they sell, what would you buy Dr Dre?

Laura Ingalls: I would buy him a pair of fake Beats By Dre, see how fresh they are.

Sub-Culture: What was the last movie you watched? How was it?

Laura Ingalls: I watched the SINGLE most awful movie ever made yesterday. I was at the DVD shop, picked up some action-no-brainer-fuck-yeah-it’s-Monday sort of movie called “Olympus Is Fallen”. The villains are Koreans and it’s plain racist and full of pro-american bullshit. My brain still hurts. Today I just can’t wait to go home and watch that documentary about a recording studio called “Sound City”, made by Dave Grohl. It’s gonna be full of interviews with respected sound nerds talking about gear and how warm and awesome it sounds. Can’t wait


Sub-Culture: If you could eradicate one genre of music from history, which would it be?

Laura Ingalls: I think there good stuff everywhere, besides techno, I don’t understand techno. It’s always the same shit, boom boom boom, bim bim bim, yeah whatever man, pick up a real instrument like a guitar and make some real music. Fuck techno, it’s music for imbeciles.


Sub-Culture: And finally, Prince Philip and Kate Philip have just had a baby. Do you have any message for them?

Laura Ingalls: Fuck no, I don’t talk to royalty, that shit should banned.

Win 1 of 3 XingFu Lu’s!

Published July 23, 2013 by subcultureshanghai

svbkvlt comp1


**SVBKVLT COMPETITION** Win 1 of 3 copies of Kode9’s ‘XingFu Lu / Kan’ 12″ vinyl! Follow SVBKVLT on Weixin/Wechat to win!

Every week SVBKVLT will be giving away some nice to stuff to their Weixin followers. Giveaways will be announced every Tuesday and to enter all you have to do is follow SVBKVLT on Weixin/Wechat by scanning the QR Code. If you are already a member, you are already in entered in the competition. Winners will be chosen at random on Friday morning, and the prizes will be sent anywhere in China for free (if you are outside China you will need to pay postage costs). To get things started we have 3 copies on Kode9’s new single – XINGFU LU on vinyl to give away! Grab a piece of Shanghai’s music history!

SVBKVLT clothing now online!

Published July 22, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


After a bit of a delay, SVBKVLT clothing is now online and for sale now! There will be a SVBKVLT stall at this Saturday’s ‘SVBKVLT meets Darker Than Wax’ event at The Shelter (as well as all upcoming Sub-Culture events) with a few extra items and special offers. Come join the KVLT! Big thanks to Benoit Florencon for the photographs and ChaCha and Jahway (Purple Soul/In3) for your bodies.


Published May 24, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


As SVBKVLT is now online and picking up speed, we have put together a little compilation of choice cuts from our current releases as well as previews of forthcoming SVBKVLT material and some upfront tracks from some of our favorite local producers, including the first taste of Laura Ingalls’ killer cassette release, some fresh beats from Downstate and Hamacide, TzuSing’s first officially released track, a stunning preview of Bent Lynchpin’s (Caliph8’s band) forthcoming debut and SLV’v deadly VIP version of ‘Killers’, as well as a few other tracks featured on our first few cassette releases. The comp comes in the form of a digital download card, designed by Kim Laughton, and only 300 have been made, with around 150 already given out around Tokyo last weekend. We have put aside a bunch of these cards to give out to the first 100 people at this Saturday’s Sub-Culture / Stockholm Syndrome collab at Shelter with Jimmy Edgar. Get down early!


  1. Caliph8 – Mis-shapen Clouded Figure
  2. SLV – Killers VIP
  3. Hamacide – The Ghoul That Went West (demo)
  4. Downstate – Bodies
  5. Bent Lynchpin – Rude Mental
  6. TzuSing – Rabid4Love
  7. Red-I – Red Edit
  8. Laura Ingalls – 7 Oscillators Of Reason

Hula Honeys Showcase – This Thursday at Shelter

Published May 13, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


Thursday 16th May – Hula Honeys Showcase feat. Bit-Tuner (live), NHK’KOYXEN (live), Feldermelder (live) + Nik! & Soult

Line Up: Bit-Tuner (live), NHK’KOYXEN (live), Feldermelder (live), Nik! (djset), Soult (dj set)

Entrance: 40rmb

Hula Honeys is a label for *emotronic sunshine* based in Zürich, Switzerland. We aim to provide your musical reproduction devices with special, intense, true school, open minded, imaginative and inspired music.

In the past years, the Hula Honeys have focussed on releasing music digitally and on vinyl with loose connections to the electronic spheres. It could be loud, aiming at your peaktime thrills. But it also might be quiet and thoughtful, deep or crackled – the influences go from Electronica, Bass Music, HipHop, Leftfield, IDM and beyond. The Honeys’ artists to date include Feldermelder, Bit-Tuner, Hepp, Buvette, Fell and Somtek / Schnauz, among others.



NHK’Koyxen was born in Osaka, a musician and drawing artist. He lives in Osaka and Berlin. He started drawing in his childhood under the influence of his grandfather. He grew up listening to hardcore-techno and hiphop, studied architecture and has been making music since 1992.

His 1st album “Upside Down” was released by Mille Plateaux (Germany) in 1998. Since then, he has collaborated with Merzbow, Sensational, Autechre’s Sean Booth, Mika Vainio, Conrad Schnitzler, Anti Pop Consorium’s High Priest and many more. He is working under many aliases like NHK, Koyxen, etc. Over the last 15 years he has released albums on seminal labels including Raster Noton, SKAM and most recently the amazing PAN label


BIT-TUNER (live)

“Bit-Tuner is the master of booming basswalls and sweeping noises” – 20minuten

A Bit-Tuner live show means heavy beats, blown up bass sounds, gloomy athmospheres, acid-driven melodies and uproaring soundscapes. His musical field of expression reaches from HipHop Beats to Electronica, Noise, theater productions and film soundtracks.

In his energy-driven concerts, Bit-Tuner oscillates between Downbeats, Electronica and Post-Dubstep, while he pulls his tracks together to become a gloomy, but still euphoric bass monster. Live, he has shared the stages with Acts like Kelpe, Jon Hopkins, Ben Frost, Modeselektor, Shackleton, Jimi Tenor, Zomby or Actress.

Bit-Tuner has collaborated with and / or remixed various rappers like Bleubird (Florida), Oddateee (Deadverse Rec.), Sole (Anticon) or Sensational (WordSound/NYC), Filewile (Mouthwatering Rec.), Omega Takeshi (88:Komaflash), Audio88 (Berlin).



„He creates music that was once aptly described as the lost art of keeping a secret“ – Spezialmaterial Records

Feldermelder has been performing on stages all over the world for over ten years – clubs in Switzerland know his music just as well as the museums, forests, raves and festivals all over Europe, Russia, Japan, USA, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. He is also an innovative remixer for Sinner DC, Scrubber Fox, Mochipet, The Sign & the Opposite and many others. Equipped with analogue synthesizers and controlled digital equipment, Feldermelder creates ever evolving sound universes in which rhythm, simplicity and complexity interlock elastically.

With his album “The Echo Circus” on Spezialmaterial, Feldermelder makes clear what he means by this: athmospheric, deconstructed tracks mutate into stomping beat-tracks. His new album “Henriks Fishing Catapult” is scheduled to be released on Everest Records in 2013.

NIK! (dj set)

DJ & producer Nik! has been causing disturbance with his sets, sounds and events for years.

As one half of the DJ-tag-team The Dean Soniks (w/ Soult), as promoter, as a co-founder of the label Hula Honeys or as solo-DJ: his activities are always about the connections between related music and styles, about music between tradition and innovation, about heavy basslines and hymns.

He is known for sets that oscillate between styles – bring things together – opening windows to musical dawn, or doom. His Releases and Remixes on Hula Honeys and Quiet Records develop their grooves based on Dub, HipHop and Electronica.

SOULT (dj set)

Soult has been active as DJ, producer and master of chaos for years. Together with Nik!, he forms the DJ-tag-team The Dean Soniks.

Soult is unpredictable – breaking the limits of styles and rolling over the dancefloors of the world with shining dance tripping hazards. Back in the 90ies, Soult organised excessive nights in clubs and forests as one of the founders of the legendary Jungle Crew Tsunami.

As Soult, he is releasing his own music on his mysterious Tape Label Inner Noise and on Hula Honeys. Since January 2010, he runs the monthly mix series Soultmonth, on which he digs through his record collection and deals with styles or moods of music, one at a time.


Published May 9, 2013 by subcultureshanghai


We are finally getting things together and SVBKVLT is now online!! Just the cassettes are available at the moment, but in the next week or so our full line of clothing, stickers and slipmats will be up, as well as a few new bits and pieces we’ve been working on including some beautiful art prints, new slipmats and a lot more music!

To celebrate us getting our shit together finally, we have uploaded the whole if side a from Floyd Cheung’s killer beat tape! Enjoy…

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