Hamacide + Percee P + ChaCha + Blaise Deville

Published September 24, 2012 by subcultureshanghai

This landed in our inbox late last week, a new EP on Ziggurat Records which includes a Hamacide remix featuring Sub-Culture’s own ChaCha alongside Percee P and Shanghai’s Blaise Deville! The EP is available here for free download, and below is the official press release. Big!

‘Ziggurat Records is back. After launching the Flossed in Space event series in Atlanta & Brooklyn, releasing several cinematic music videos, and spending endless hours in the studio, Ziggurat is putting in work & will finish 2012 strong. You can expect solo releases from each member, new music videos, and huge collaborative singles. 

Today, Ziggurat releases their Flossed in Space Remix EP called Don’t Lose Your High. It takes a mind-altering look back at Ziggurat’s debut album Flossed in Space. Take an audio acid trip through the ears of TreeKeeper, Hamacide, & LGHTSWTCH who creatively utilize the distinct Ziggurat style they have dubbed “cubism” & “milky wave.” The EP includes three remixes off the Flossed in Space LP including “Papaya Rap”, “Smithereens”, & “Oracle.” It also includes a hype new bonus track/single “Psyche High” by LGHTSWTCH, MIYAGI, & PURPLMONK. Don’t Lose Your High’s visual followup is an official music video for “All Purple Everything” that drops next week.’

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