Sub-Cinema X @ Shanghai Tattoo

Published February 6, 2012 by subcultureshanghai


Sub-Cinema X @ Shanghai Tattoo

Our good friends and fellow movie fanatics over at Shanghai Tattoo have recently moved to a new location and discovering they had a room spare have decided not to use it for drawing pictures on people but instead to set up their own small screening room. Once Sub-Cinema heard about this we automatically new what we wanted to do – play the things we can’t get away with playing at Dada!!

A couple of months back we did a test screening there with a small group of friends to see how the space worked and what we could do. We played Cannibal Holocaust. Once the movie had finished, a few people left awkwardly without saying a word, and the morning after we had reports that some of the group had strange, unsettling dreams (one member will never look at turtles the same again). SUCCESS!

Sub-Cinema X, though, is not just about disturbing movies, sex and gore (although there will be a lot of this). It is a chance for us to play movies that we feel should be played to smaller groups, with the people who attend the screening are ready to watch and experience something a little different, preparing themselves in advance for the showing. We may show something graphically intense or horrific, we may show something that needs deep concentration or has a strong psychological effect, we may show something which appeals to a very specific or niche audience. Whatever we play, it will be something that we feel more comfortable showing to a smaller group of people in a private environment.

The room itself is a great little spot, with a huge screen covering the whole of the front wall and decent sound. SH Tattoo have got themselves their own popcorn machine so fresh, salted popcorn is available, and everyone is welcome (and encouraged) to bring their own drinks. There is only room for 10 viewers (maybe a couple more but we’d rather keep it comfortable) and Sub-Cinema X showings will only be open and announced to those subscribed to our mailing list. Seats will reserved on a first come first served basis (please only ask to reserve a seat if you can definitely come) and if there are a large number of people interested in watching a certain showing we may consider multiple screenings.

Every showing will be announced to the mailing list at least a week in advance and will most likely be on a Wednesday night and occur once a month. They will be free to attend, SH Tattoo will kindly provide free popcorn, and showings will begin at roughly 8pm, with all showings finishing before 10pm (due to building regulations). We will probably head out for drinks afterwards to have a chat about the movie.

If you would like to know more about Sub-Cinema X showings and would like to be informed about what we have coming up please email us at to join our mailing list.

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