This Saturday – ROM

Published November 18, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


This Saturday’s big event is the release of the long-awaited ROM album on PAUSE:MUSIC. ROM is probably the most inventive and individual crew in Shanghai, and certainly Sub-Culture’s favourite! ROM consists of the sharp tongue of icenine, the visual mind of Olivepixel and the turntable skills of Deville. From what we’ve heard from the crew about the live show they are planning for the release, this night is going to be something quite unique and special (lazers, smoke, strobes, augmentations, 3d business….) and the album itself is an absolute killer! Make sure you get down to The Shelter this Saturday, no excuses!!

Here’s a transmission direct from ROM:

After a year of beta-testing our multi-sensory firmware, ROM is ready to release our latest reality chip. The first five hundred copies will be packaged with an audio CD and magazine replica commemorating the death of physical media. Complete with material performances by actual people, ROM celebrates the future by looking back at the past.

“Digital consciousness delivered in analogue nostalgia“

ROM executives icenine, olivepixel and Blaise Deville present a product analysis and live demonstration. Historical experts Downstate, Cavia and Drunk Monk complement the night with a fitting soundtrack that all futures will remember! Hosted by ‘The Shelter’- a local favourite, and one of the best surviving venues of the resource wars.

50 new RMB grants you access to the event and includes the chip & the CD

Album released on the Pause Music label

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