Love Bang!!

Published September 22, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Ok slow week this week on the blog. Not because we don;t have anything to write about (on the contrary, we’ve got loads of articles we’ve been meaning to put up) but because we’ve only just pieced together our minds from last weekend. 2 cities, 3 festivals and 4 gigs in 3 days with very little sleep!

Anyway, got quite a bit of stuff to post up today and tomorrow but first off we just wanna give you a little heads up on Heatwolves’ party this Saturday. Had a good lauch at both Black Rabbit festivals and the after party at Shelter with this guy, hes got some serious tunes. Check out what he has to say about this month’s party:


The best monthly dance party in Shanghai, banging hard for the 10th time now, not including the one-offs like the 七夕special!

Great music played by real DJs, cheap drinks that don’t contain antifreeze (RMB20 Beer, RMB30 – 40 Cocktails, Bottles from RMB400), a nice sound system with lots of bass, big vibes, and loads of characters. 

We play hip hop, dubstep, ghetto house, dirty south, some pop songs, and lots more. Dance floor …stays packed all night. 

Starts at 10PM and goes till it’s time for 煎饼.

This month, music by:

DJ Caution from LA – killing the game for fifteen years. serious skills. 

MC One Consciousness (MC God) 

Heatwolves The Overlord (Hadouken Swag x Bass x OTAKREW)

DJ Caution and I just remixed the first of four Chinese pop songs for our upcoming EP, check it out here:

i’ll warm up, Caution plays dat peak time set. 

We’re dreaming that Hebe shows up…

And we’re giving away some limited prints of this month’s poster, my personal favorite of the Love Bang series…possibly a handmade T-Shirt as well. ‘


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