Re-Thinking Concrete

Published June 21, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

If you’ve been keeping up to date with you will no doubt know by now that Sub-Culture/Uprooted member Didjelirium has been working together with Russian nutters Demokracy over the last year or so, either as a vocalist with Demokracy or as part of Original Fools with one 1/2 of the group –  Damskray. A few month’s back Demokracy and Didje entered a competition to remix Geste’s ‘Eating Concrete’ track which was released on Equinox Records earlier in the year, and guess what……they won!! Here’s a bit more info from Didje himself:


Geste got in touch with Demokracy and Original Fools, asking if we would be interested in participating in a remix contest for one of his track, Eating Concrete, out on Equinox records. I told him if he wanted a remix it would be more Demokracy or Damscray (1/2 of Original Fools) who would do it but Geste assured us it was alright to add vocals as well. This was around the beginning of the contest. As Demokracy was very busy with other projects that needed to be finished it seemed like we were not gonna send our remix before the deadline. So around thirty hours before the deadline I asked Damscray again about the remix and a few hours later he sent me a demo they prepared with Demokracy. In the next 2 hours I wrote lyrics and recorded the vocals, then sentthe accappella back for them to mix. A few hours later, it was submitted to the competition, and a few days later, we won the contest.


The Rethink Conrete EP is now available in digital form here, and a very special 7″ , featuring the Demokracy and Didjelirium ‘Re-Think’, and limited to only 100 copies, will drop on July 1st and is available to pre-order here! Be quick, these will fly out!

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