Monday (ish) Mixtape: Caliph8 Live @ Malasimbo

Published June 7, 2011 by subcultureshanghai


Last week we got an email from Manila’s Caliph8 with a link to this amazing live recording of his set at last years Malasimbo festival at Puerto Galera, Philippines. We’ve been listening to this constantly for the last week and it just keeps getting better! Here’s what Caliph had to say about the mix:


I played this at the 1st Malasimbo Music Festival in Mount Malasimbo in the Phjilippines last Feb as part of a roster of performers which was headlined by DJ Krush. The set I played is inspired by the 60’s film noir movement. I also invoked certain influences from a lot of “cinematic-dusty-drums” type of beats from God Father Don, Lord Finesse, Showbiz, Howie B, J. Saul Kane. I did a lot of  cutting and effects manipulation, I also played the MPC on top of the blends. I played a track from Max Roach then swiftly moved into a drum solo on MPC using the drum kits I sampled from a track called “Percussion Discussion” with his collab with Mingus. I decided to this since the drum solos he was was ripping out were infectious, I just felt like doing a tribute solo to him on the fly, done with Hiphop sensibilities. I continued the set into a more eclectic vibe by playing a modal track from Boards of Canada then blended it with Suicide’s “Ghost Rider”.  Then I finished off with Al Stewart’s “Return to Earth, after the original track played, I played a loose beat where I sampled the song without drums, then I laced the drum kits on top live.





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