Kode9 and The Spaceape: Otherman / Love is the Drug (Feat Cha Cha)

Published February 17, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

HYP010: Kode9 and The SpaceapeOtherman / Love is the Drug (Feat Cha Cha)

Release Date: 4th April 2011

These two songs make up the lead single from Kode9 and the Spaceape’s second album ‘Black’ Sun’. Coming from oblique angles, these two songs introduce the breadth of the album.

Otherman opens with a sombre, arpeggiated march built from wavering analogue synth drones, lulling the listener until Spaceape’s cracked communique interrupts the flow with downtrodden descriptions, wrapped around lop-sided rhythms. Sombre, flatline funk.

Love is the Drug features the vocals of Cha Cha, a singer from Shanghai, who guests across 4 tracks from the album. Love is the Drug operates on a raw emotional level, over a droning synth and an aggressively coiling drum pattern with the sound of a pumping heartbeat at the centre. Cha Cha’s vocals drift into a sensual pattern as the melody sours under her, before confirming the suffocation of love, with Spaceape whispering over her shoulder.

Black Sun is released on 14th of April CD / LP / Digital



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