Digging In The Crates

Published January 17, 2011 by subcultureshanghai

Being a vinyl addict, one of the things I most miss about the UK is digging for records. I used to spend hours every week in record shops, charity shops, at car boot sales – basically anywhere I could find records. When I first moved to Shanghai I couldn’t find anywhere at all that sold vinyl, apart from a couple of electronic markets that had a few boxes of LPs, but in the last couple of years more and more have been showing up in Shanghai and now there are a couple of really good spots to dig. From what I gather, most of the records come from GuangZhou, where there are warehouses full of old vinyl ready to be melted down. A few people have worked out that there is a demand for some of these records and so they buy them by the ton and ship them up to Shanghai. There has already been a few articles in mags and stuff about these spots, so I’m not going to go into locations, but as I go fairly regularly I’m going to post up some of my finds every now and again to show you what can be found here if you dig hard, and also to show off a bit hahaha.

Here’s a few things I’ve picked in the last week, all 5rmb (50p) each:

AutechrePeel Sessions 2 (Classic! Mint condition)

DJ Hype Roll The Beats (nice early Hype from ’94! Mint condition)

ToastyThe Knowledge (dope Dubstep track on Hot-Flush, slept on this when it first came out and have wanted it for ages)

Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraTheme To Lupin III (nice 12, with 2 remixes by Smith and Mighty)

Gravediggaz Double Suicide pack (Mommy, whats a grave digger?)

AtmosphereFord One + Ford Two ( both brand new and still in shrink wrap)

Handsome Boy Modelling School Rock and Roll/Holy Calamity (OG 12)

Also found an original test pressing of a Diamond D tune from 97, but I left it at the shop by mistake and have forgotten the track name. Will pick it up this week



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